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Duck Tape®~ "Stuck" at Prom Scholarship Contest

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck® Brand for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

This project was so dang fun to do, I loved it.  So do any of you know anyone who is obsessed with Duck Tape® projects? making i.e. wallets, clutches, hair bows, etc.? Well its pretty darn fun, because when we think of Duck Tape® now a days, we aren’t imagining that icky metallic silver Duck Tape® anymore. Nope’ Duck Tape® now comes in 140 colors and patterns. Hello’ that is a lot of Duck Tape® to decide from and the creativity options are endless. 

I had so much fun creating a “Duck Tape® Clutch” and I am here to tell you all about this super awesome contest. So hopefully you all will be Stuck at Prom® and if you are you can win or help someone you know win a $5,000.00 dollar cash Scholarship. SA-WEEEET! so here is what I am thinking, run out today like now, and buy some fun Duck Tape®. Get creating with your daughter(s), or girls that are going get creating or even better get together with your girlfriends that are going to the prom. You all could make some fun Duck Tape® prom accessories? like earrings, bows, bracelets, wallets, clutches, purses, flowers, etc. now that sounds like one fun night to me! My daughter isn’t of the age for prom just yet, but I still am so happy to give her this clutch I made. She is going to love it. 
I am going to show you all my Prom Duck Tape® Clutch I made, and give you all a step by step tutorial. You all could follow my steps and make my clutch too, I would love that.
You can learn all about the Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest Rules”rules by visiting here
So what are the PRIZES
– 40,000 dollar cash prizes up for grab
First Place $5,000 each and $5,000 for your school.
-Second Place $3,000 each and $3,000 for your school.
 -Third Place $2,000 each and $2,000 for your school.
7 Runners up $500.00 cash and $500.00 for your school
single category winner $500.00 cash and $500.00 for your school
Entry Period Begins March 11, 2013
Entry Period Ends June 10, 2013
Top 10 Announced June 13, 2013
Voting Ends  July 8, 2013
Winners Announces July 11, 2013
How To Enter-Visit here and click the enter now button. Fill out the required information and upload the images of your Duck Tape®prom attire. 
Here is my project and tutorial.
In the collage the steps start from 
top left and end bottom right.
To Begin:
# 1 Start with your first color of Duck Tape® and lay out 7 131/2 inch strips by 14 inches long. 
Your cutting mat acts as a great guide. Layer each of the 7 pieces one by one at the bottom 
of the strips of Duck Tape®.  
# 2 Flip over your Duck Tape® sheet and continue the same process on the other side.  
You can change up the Duck Tape® and alternate colors.
# 3 and step # 4 you will see in the collage image that in step # 3 that the edges are not clean,
 do your best and cut each side off with a clean straight line. Scissors work best, 
and not an xacto for this step. # 4 take some Duck Tape® and clean up the now cut sides with
some folded over duck tape. Trim where needed. 
# 5 fold your clutch in half, leaving a couple inches to the top for the flap to come over. 
You can fold your clutch width wise or length wise. Whatever you think looks best. 
# 6 once the clutch is folded in half rub the folds really well. Next take two more pieces
 of Duck Tape® and fold the Duck Tape® over the sides of the clutch to seal it shut. 
# 7 add some cut Duck Tape® to the sides of the folded clutch. You can just follow step 
# 6 for this, I wanted the top sides to match the purple so I did this step twice. Now your 
sides will be sealed and have a clean finish.
# 8 Add some sticky sided Velcro to the center of the clutch under flap and to the outside 
top front of the clutch. 
Last you can add some embellishments like my Duck Tape® flower, and rhinestones. 

To make Duck Tape® the flower
lay out “7” 5 inch long strips. Fold the first one in half, then take your second piece and
 layer it over the first piece. Do this to the side of the first piece and do this at an angle. 
Continue the same process until you have an almost full rounded shaped flower look. 
Next fold in the flower, sort of tucking and layering some of the pieces until you form
the flower shape you like. Use a hot glue gun where needed to adhere the pieces better. 
Add a button and rhinestone to the center of the flower, and hot glue it to the front of 
the clutch. You are all done now, and here is my Duck Tape® Clutch. 
“Bam” here is the finished product!

Do you like it? It was fun to make, and I promise you that you all would have a blast making some duck tape Prom projects. 

Have fun with this contest and enjoy it. 
Become a fun of Duck Tape on Facebook here.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Hugs jen.  

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