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DIY~ Little Boys Bow and Arrow

Hi I’m Lindsey Bonnice a mother of two sweethearts, and a photographer, blogger and crafter. 

where I enjoy sharing about my sweet life that is full of joy, color, kiddos and crafting! I also share photo tips, DIY’s, my photography and my obsession with Etsy! I hope you will stop in and say hello! Today I decided to get crafty and had a blast with it! I have been searching the web for fun ideas and DIY’s for Noahs’s birthday that is coming up soon. We are doing a dragon and knight theme so I have been looking for sword ideas. While searching I saw some cute arrows (you can check them out here) and thought how fun would it be to make my own bow and arrow for Noah. When I started I only intended on making an arrow but had so much fun I ended up creating a whole costume! First I made the arrow and both Noah and I loved it so then I made a little bow to go with it, the bow was quite a bit trickier but turned out cute. Then I decided I wanted to do a little photo shoot with Noah with his bow and arrow so I thought I better make a feather headpiece for him to wear, so I kept cutting and gluing and this is what I got! His session was so fun and I just loved seeing him play so excitedly with something that I had made!

Can we say {{CA-UTE!}} I am in love with this idea. I see my 4 year old all over this one. 
Thank you so much Lindsey for sharing this darling project and tutorial with all of us. 

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