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The Top Best Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Its right around the corner…”summer”! so to prep yourself and your family’s.. todays post is all about

 “The Top Best Ways to Stay Cool This Summer”!

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 As much as everyone is craving those hot days and warm, humid nights, what people don’t enjoy is that oppressive heat that hits sometimes in the middle of summer. Beyond just turning on the air conditioning, there are additional ways you can make your home even cooler this summer.

Use Cotton Bedding 

Before the days start to get longer, you may want to replace the bedding in your home. Instead of heavy quilts and flannel sheets, try lightweight covers and cotton. Cool, breathable cotton can feel amazing against your skill when the temperature rises outside.

Buy Window Blinds

 The bright rays of the sun can quickly heat up your home during the day. In order to keep that heat from penetrating your house, you need to cover your windows with something. Curtains aren’t going to cut it. The best window coverings that keep the summer heat at bay are thick window blinds. Installing window blinds around your hottest windows can help cool them off. During the cooler months, you can open the blinds to let the sunshine in for extra warmth.

Turn Around Your Ceiling Fans 

If you didn’t know, your ceiling fans turn in two different directions, clockwise and counterclockwise. For summer, it’s a good idea to change your fan’s rotation to counterclockwise. This easy fix

can help circulate the cooled air in your home from your air conditioner, making everyone comfortable and refreshed. Likewise, in the winter, you should change it back to clockwise to help with warming your rooms.

Replace Your Light Bulbs

 If you’re still using incandescent light bulbs in your home, it’s time to change them to the more efficient and longer lasting compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs. Incandescent lights are not only wasting energy in your home, but they are also producing extra heat. If you think about all of the light bulbs in your home, the heat could add up considerably.

Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced

Your hardest working summer appliance is your air conditioner. Get ready for the upcoming summer by having some local ac repair experts service your unit before you have to start lowering the thermostat. A serviced system works cooler and for less money, so your energy bill won’t overwhelm you this summer.

Use Your Grill

If you need to cook a big meal this summer, consider moving your kitchen duties outside. Turning your oven or stove on adds a significant amount of extra heat into your room, putting your air conditioner into its maximum workload. Instead, try grilling your dinners during those summer nights. Imagine a cool dinner al frescostyle with a fresh, sizzling menu. The best part is that your house doesn’t have to work harder to cool down after the heat of the cooking process. If you love the easy days of summer but hate the heat, go ahead and start looking forward to it again. You don’t have to get overheated in the stifling summer temperatures this year. Make it easier for you and your family to feel revitalized with these simple pieces of advice.


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