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Summer Water Party for Kids

A week and a half ago I put together a Summer Water Party for Kids. It was pretty darn easy, and kids are pretty darn easy to entertain too. Just provide some water balloons, capri suns, snacks, and friends and their happy campers. I went a bit farther and had a little bit more food, water, and fun… but it was super easy. I purcahsed a large piece of yellow butcher block paper, used some acrylic paint to write summer, and the hung it up on my garage door. Off to the left of the sign i created a photo booth with green scotch tape and some cute jumbo glasses and mini beach balls.

The beach balls, sunglasses as well as all the noise makers (because hello its summer lets get loud and celebrate), colorful plastic containers, and some of the squirters the kids used are all from Oriental Trading.

I set up a table over in my front porch court yard area that had a cooler with capri suns, a plastic container with pringles, a bowl of pretzels, and my sister and hubby bought a bunch of little ceasars pizzas. 

We filled up a huge tub with water balloons and stuck a bunch of different sized and styled water squirters in it. We also attached a rotating sprinkler to the hose, and my sister brought over her fun water table. Everything was well played with and all the kids enjoyed everything. 

Here are some pictures of our fun and easy Summer Water Party for Kids.

summer party girls

summer party party girls

summer water party girls3

summer water party bucket

summer water party banner and kids5

summer water party kids playing1

summer water party kids

summer water party noise makers

summer water party clappers

summer water party banner and kids4

summer water party photo booth melissa bronx

summer water party photo booth stock

summer water party bigger boys

summer water party girls

summer water party girls1

summer water party banner and kids1

summer water party water table3

summer water party water table1

summer water party water table

summer water party reagan

summer water party reagan water table


Little man chillin in the water table… lol. 

What a blast! We don’t have a landscaped backyard its just a bunch of huge rocks, a big shed, and uneven ground, so we take advantage of our long and fairly wide driveway and porch to have some fun. We will surely have more water parties before the summer is over. 

This post is sponsored by Oriental Trading, all opinions are 100% mine. 

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