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How to Make Gummy Bears in 5 Simple Steps


No matter how old you get one thing remains true. Gummy bears are amazing. So, you hide yourself away in your walk-in pantry to eat them when your children aren’t watching.

You know once they know you have the gummies, they’ll be gone. What if we told you that you can have an unlimited supply of gummy bears by making them yourself right at home?

They’re one of the simplest candies to recreate and they’ll taste just like the ones you get in the store. Check out this guide to learn how to make gummy bears that the entire family can enjoy for days to come.

Ingredients and Tools You’ll Need
To get started with making gummy bears you’re going to need water, granulated sugar glucose, gelatin, sorbitol, citric acid, candy flavorings, gummy bear molds, and droppers.

If you want, you can make your gummy bears with juice instead of water. If you do this you won’t need the sugar or the candy flavorings. The gummies will still taste great and be better for you and your family.

You can pretty much get every ingredient on this list at the grocery store. The only things you might have to order online are the sorbitol, gummy molds, and droppers. 

Sorbitol is what gives the gummies their unique texture but this is an ingredient that you can leave out. Your gummy bears might be a bit softer than the ones that come in the bag but this isn’t a huge loss.

If you want your gummies to be vegetarian swap out the gelatin with agar-agar. Keep in mind that you can’t use the same amount of agar-agar that you would gelatin. Pay attention to the substitution instructions on the box.

As far as the molds and droppers go, you can get a set that includes both on Amazon or from another retailer for less than ten dollars.
Now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way and you have your ingredients in front of you, it’s time to get started with making your gummies.

1. Create Your Gummy Bear Mixture
To make your gummy bear mixture, combine 3/4 cup of water/juice with 44 grams (about 6 packets) of gelatin. Set the bowl to the side and let it sit for about 5 minutes. This will give the gelatin enough time to absorb whatever liquid you decide to use.

While the gelatin and liquid are doing their thing, grab a medium-sized saucepan and mix together 3 tablespoons of sorbitol, 8 ounces of corn syrup, and 8 ounces of sugar. Bring these ingredients to a simmer before you throw in the gelatin mixture and stir it together until
everything has melted.

Take the saucepan off the heat and add 2 teaspoons of citric acid into the mix. Set the mixture to the side and let it stand for about 5 minutes.
You’ll see a foam begin to form when it’s done. Use a spoon to scrape it off and get out a few empty bowls so you can divide the gummy bear liquid.

2. Divide the Mixture
If you’re doing a few different flavors, you’ll need to separate the mixture. Grab as many bowls as flavors that you want to do and divide the liquid evenly. It’s a good idea to use a strainer here so none of the sugar or lumpy bits ends up in the final product.

There are a ton of candy flavorings out there for you to choose from. Pick three or four and add 1/2 teaspoon to each bowl. You should have about four unique flavors when you’re done. As a final touch, add a small dropper of food colorings to the bowl to reflect the flavors of the gummy bears. Red for cherry, for example.


3. Prepare the Molds
Spray the gummy bear molds with grapeseed oil. If you don’t you’ll have a hard time pulling the candies out when the time comes. You don’t want to use too much oil though or it will have a negative effect on the final product.  Turn the molds upside down on a paper towel and allow some of the oil to drain out.

4. Fill the Molds
Time to fill up the molds. Use the dropper to distribute the gummy mix evenly into each little bear impression. This recipe should give you enough liquid to fill up three molds worth of gummies.


5. Let Your Gummy Bears Sit
Stick your gummy bears into the fridge and let them sit for about 12 hours. Take them out and you should be good to eat them or put them in a bag. The good thing about these gummies is that they don’t have to stay refrigerated. You can take them anywhere you want or pack them for a trip.

Making Adult Gummies
Are you planning to take these gummy bears to a party with your adult friends? Put a little spin on them by making alcoholic bears. All you have to do is substitute the water for vodka or your favorite wine.

It’s important to note that citric acid and alcohol don’t play well together. Make sure not to include it if you’re planning on using vodka or wine. There’s also a gummies recipe or two out there that uses CBD. It’s the perfect way to get your medicated dose while you’re on the go.

How to Make Gummy Bears Everyone Can Enjoy

Learning how to make gummy bears at home is the best way to make your entire family happy. Everyone loves gummies because they taste good, they make the perfect on the go snack, and as you can see, they’re super easy to prepare.

Are you looking for more tasty recipes that will make your family smile? Check out our blog daily for more articles like this one.

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