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"TO MY PEEPS" – Neighbor Gift!

I THOUGHT OF THIS IDEA while peacefully unloading the dishwasher. HA! then I vented the idea to my hubby, and his response first was “How Cute!” (gotta love him.) Then he said right after that… “Where do you get this stuff?” I laughed and said My brain! HA!

So this is another super easy “INEXPENSIVE” Easter craft for either your neighbors, friends aka peeps, classroom treats, or again use them as “Party Favors” at your Easter Dinner! 


– Paper Cutter
– Thick Scrap Paper (all my paper I used is from (Canvas Corp).
– Scoring Blade
– Glue Stick
– Peeps
– Sharpie Marker
– Ribbon

I started by using my peeps as my guide, I folded the paper around the peeps to see how long I would want it. I then held my peeps on the paper again as my guide to cut my paper where needed.

Next, I used my peeps to mark my first two score marks.

 see the scores? and don’t worry about the pen/pencil showing.

two more marks for scoring and again use your peeps as your guide.

There are “5” scores all together!

Last glue and fold over the flap, add your cut and tied piece of ribbon, then glue on your bunny with saying and your DONE! (the bunny was cut from my Cricut and I used my Doodle Charms Cartridge.)

I “HOP” YOU LIKE THEM! and I am so “HOPPY” you stopped by COM TODAY! winks, jen

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