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{{Easter Table Treat Favors}}

Are you hosting Easter Dinner at your  home this year? Well I am! and its going to be colorful, tasty, and fun.

I made these simple and sweet “Easter Table Treat Favors.” You can place them on your guests plate, or leave them in a basket and they can grab them when they go.

I used my Cricut  machine and the DoodleCharms Cricut Cartridge. I cut out the bunny’s in “blackout” and cut them out at a 31/4 cut. Once you get them all cut you need to then cut the backs of them. All you do is hit the “FLIP” button and cut them out again. Then staple 4-5 staples around the bottom and add whatever Easter candy you want. I added Hershey’s chocolate eggs. All the paper that I used for this project is from Canvas Corp. They have the CUTEST PAPER. 

I “HOP” you find this simple and sweet project for your Easter Sunday. Thanks for stopping by COM today. 
XO jen

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10 thoughts on “{{Easter Table Treat Favors}}

  1. Adore them!!! I don’t have the doodlecharms cartridge yet, but it looks like I may have to get it. FYI I just bought Giant Flowers and Songbird…love, love, love them both! The Giant Flowers cart. is on sale at Michaels for $20!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  2. First time thru the pictures – I thought oh, I don’t want to sew them, and then I realized that they were stapled. I’m so up for this, I will do that for my grandsons. Thank you.

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