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~DIY~ Hippity Hop Colorful Easter Board

Hello Ya’ll …….

First things

first“….. please please forgive me, my grammar or wait punctuation is not perfect. So, if you make this take out the apostrophe in “it’s” You see my grammar/punctuation is so bad I would of never known that I was a lame wad including the apostrophe. I only new because of some comments I got on my Contributor post on Tatertots and jello when I featured this. I feel like a dummy, but it is what it is… and I have no plans on fixing it anytime soon, perhaps next year. So I hope you all like it anyway.
Hippity Hop Easter’s On Its Way Board.”  

I headed off to Lowe’s to pick up a very long board, that I had cut down to size ” 9 x 401/2 inches” I sanded it first, then painted the entire board 3 coats of acrylic white paint. I then cut out all my words from my Cricut, I used the Platinum Schoolbook Cartridge. I transferred all my words onto transfer tape then onto the board. I spaced each word out at 3 inches apart. I then peeled off the transfer tape and painted the board a turquoise acrylic paint. Once it was dry I peeled off the vinyl, and sanded the board to rough it up where I wanted. Next I took some apple green acrylic paint and with the top of my sponge brush, brushed on grass streaks in different directions. Lastly, I made a cute pennant from some cut to size fabric. I hot glued each pennant piece to some ribbon and hot glued the small pennants to the back of the board.

and here it is hung in my home

Thank you so much for taking a look at my project today.
I am also including a free printable from yours truly.


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13 thoughts on “~DIY~ Hippity Hop Colorful Easter Board

  1. Very fun! Colors are great and so ‘en trend’ — and shape and composition together lend it a kind of penache that transcends ‘craftiness’. Thanks for sharing!

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