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Eileen Bickerstaff blogs about “the ART of decorating around the JOY of celebrating… but on a budget” at  During the holidays, she designs and decorates for both residential and commercial clients, but her favorite things are being a mom to her 4 boys, designing in her home and inspiring creativity in others.  Her creative ideas emphasize decorating on a budget and re-purposing!
For my front door area, I was eager to reuse my black footed planters (to create a similar look to last years) for Easter ( But of course… it had to be a brand new look AND on a budget (translation – make it myself!) I also had a definite passion for purple this year and here’s my inspiration…. PURPLE PEEPS!
Before I could create the entire look, I first had to create a duplicate of my inspiration – the Marshmallow PEEP Bunny.
Using a 50% off coupon, I purchased a sheet of (apx.) 2″ x 12″ x 36″ white styrofoam, drew and cut a PEEP shape and used one of the discarded pieces (as a file) to create nice, clean edges on the finished product.
Next, I painted my PEEP shape with a styrofoam-friendly brand of spray paint (Design Master) in lavender and then while damp, sprinkled it with a light coating of iridescent glitter for a sugary look. I also painted a bamboo wood dowel that I had cut in half and once that was dry, I inserted both pieces into the bottom of my PEEP shape, to create a stand. Chocolate brown (my name – not the manufacturer’s – but I thought that might be more helpful) acrylic paint and a small paint brush helped me create the face. Don’t they have the cutest faces?!! Couldn’t you picture several smaller versions of these in your front yard (maybe in different colors?)
Ok, back to the project (lol)…. I spray painted one of my footed, black planters white, and even reused a styrofoam circle (note the hole made by last year’s pvc). Then, I placed & gently pushed my PEEP’s bamboo legs into the styrofoam circle to secure it in the planter, slipped a purple-themed spring wreath over his head and added extra flowers to camouflage the styrofoam.
I added a bow to my bunny and placed my large, purple yard eggs and several other decorations around to bring my purple PEEP passion together, including using one of my outdoor greenery plants. And I love the mossy, jumping bunnies I found at Pier 1 this year. See what you think…

Don’t forget to check out my entire EASTER category on my blog for even MORE creative ideas and…

Happy Easter!


 SO CUTE THANKS A BUNCH EILEEN for sharing these cuties with all my peeps here on COM.



  1. OMG! A giant PEEP. So cute. The purple really pops on her porch too. Which by the peeks is great! Loving the brick and the shutters.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I love it. Simple supplies too! I might have some PEEPS next year and thanks for reminding me I haven’t purchased any Peeps this year!! Great job!!!!

  3. Love the new Easter project. You are amazing. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. I love your porch and everything you did is just beautiful

  5. That is AWESOME! wow!! Your entryway is wonderful! Happy Easter! Sunny

  6. Wow! That is the cutest Easter porch I’ve ever seen! I always thought those giant plastic eggs looked so tacky but now I totally want to go out and buy some! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. LOVE this super-sized PEEPS Topiary! I’m linking to your very fun tutorial from Crafts ‘n Coffee this afternoon. Thank you! Sharon

  8. So cute. Really brings Easter to life

  9. Hi! I am hoping to try the bunny peep decor for our front porch, what a darling idea! Just one question as to what tool you used to cut it out of styrofoam? I didn’t know if I needed a fine saw or long basic blade? Thank you 🙂

  10. So adorable. A good weekend project.

  11. I can hardly wait to make this project. I love it!

  12.' Wendi S says:

    I love the bunny. Where did you get the giant eggs?

  13. Good morning, this peep project is so cute, I may try it.

  14. How does the Styrofoam hold her the rain ? Anybody know?

  15. jencraftomaniac. says:

    It was a guest post from many years ago. I am sure the person winged it and just cut them out, perhaps she used the first one she cut out as a stencil for the second one. Thanks,Jen

  16. I’m so excited I found this. I love craft projects. Thank you.

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