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Inspiring Creativity: Why Art is So Important for Kids Self-Expression

When it comes to arts and crafts, kids just seem to naturally love it. It’s really part of why kids love going to school, plus, it gives them a valid reason to get as messy and creative as they want and have fun while doing it!

Aside from art being fun, did you know that it has added
benefits for your child as well? According to PBS.org, the creative capabilities associated with art lay the foundation for a child’s development.

Inspiring creativity doesn’t just mean that your child has the potential to be the next Picasso… it also means that you’re helping them to develop mentally, emotionally, and socially. The way your child uses the paintbrush stroke for stroke, improves their fine motor skills.

Counting the number of brushes and paint colors they’ll need helps them with their math skills. And lastly, mixing colors to create other colors teach them certain fundamentals of science.

So Why Art?
When kids are really young, their imaginations are way bigger than that of an adult. Have you ever noticed how with babies, you can buy them all the cute and fun little toys in the world and all they want to play with is your keys? It’s crazy sometimes but that’s the fun of it.

As your kids grow older, it’s still very important to keep inspiring their creativity, and that goes for everyone in your household. It can be a little more difficult for parents who work to keep the creativity going, especially for younger kids.

A great way to keep the creativity going is to hire a nanny during the week while you work.

You’ll want to make sure they comply with the rules you set for them and that they have a clear understanding of what you expect from them as far as making time for arts and crafts. Take a look at why creativity time needs to be incorporated into your child’s daily schedule.

When your child shows an interest in art, they are just now starting to learn how to express themselves. Art allows them to express and communicate their feelings and ideas in a new way.

It also opens the door to “pretend land.” You’re probably wondering exactly what that is… We all know that kids like to pretend to be something like a superhero or a movie star. That sets the tone for their own self-esteem and confidence. To inspire that area of creativity, try creating a project with no known purpose.

Doing this will allow them to use their imagination and enter “pretend land!” It’s always fun to see how they use what you created and nine times out of ten, it’s always shocking to you to hear what they think it is.

Understanding and Appreciating the Overall Process
When kids do a painting, create a masterpiece out of Legos, or create a sculpture out of Play- Doh, it shows them that what they’re doing does have a finished product and it’s something that they can be proud of. It also teaches them the process of start-to-finish.

The creation they made might be scribbling all over paper but in time, as they grow older and their skills improve, it will be all the encouragement they need to continue on with their creative efforts. Be sure to give them praise for their work and the completion of their work!
Ways to Inspire Creativity
When it comes to kids and art, there are things you can do to inspire them and things you can do to deter them. Make sure you’re doing and not doing these things to keep them inspired artistically.
● Mentally prepare yourself for messes. When adults think of kids and art put together, the first thing that comes to mind is paint EVERYWHERE! That’s not necessarily the case all the time but for the most part, it is. So you’re better off mentally preparing yourself to deal with a mess. If you’re a clean person, set aside an area in your home for them to be messy.
● Talk up their creative process. As your child is drawing, painting, or building, ask them to tell you about what they’re doing exactly. Get inside their heads to get insight into their thinking process. It can actually be quite mind blowing. For example “I see you’ve used
colored the sun purple. Why did you pick that color?”
● Don’t tell your kids what to do. As your child is doing art, try to avoid giving them directions on what they’re drawing. For instance, “why don’t you add a little blue right here?” When you do that, you’re posing your own creative thought on them, taking away from their own.

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