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3 Do it Yourself Ideas to Add Crafts to the Bedroom


Those of us who have creative sides want our homes to be different from all the others. Adding some color, art, or decoration can further the appeal of our homes. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to hire professionals.

There are many ways to redecorate your home without the help of professionals. Are you unsure how to decorate your bedroom? You can even make the new decorations yourself! If you are someone who enjoys creating things and adding beauty, then this is the perfect article for you. In this article, we discuss three ways to add crafts into your bedroom.

Spruce Up Your Walls!

Wall decorations are one of the easiest ways to add crafts to your room. There are many wall decorations and other crafts to choose from. Making these decorations are quick and easy.

Do it Yourself Shelves

You could make shelves in any shape and form. The shelves can have many uses. Other types of decor, books, and pictures can be placed on these shelves.

Building the shelves is simple and usually comes with instructions. You may use adhesive glue, nails, or screws to hang your newly made shelves on the wall. You could repaint the shelves at any time, making a change in the color scheme easy.

Printable Art

We can easily use today’s technology to print photographs at home, why not other artwork? By printing the artwork, pictures, or motivational phrases, you can add craft to your walls.

You could use tape to keep the artwork where you want them. You can even frame the artwork and hang it up on the wall like a typical picture. You could also buy wall decor from the shops.

The decor you can buy is specially made to stick on almost any surface. You can take extra precaution to ensure it stays on the surface, such as varnish.

Add Crafts To Your Bed!

If you can make your walls, floors, and ceilings look great, why not add your bed to that list. There are a lot of do it yourself ways to spruce up the thing you sleep on. It can be quite easy too.

Make a quilt!

Do you like to travel? Do you collect t-shirts from famous places? If so, you may use these many t-shirts to create your very own quilt.

How do you make a quilt out t-shirts? The t-shirts can be sewn together and filled with a filling of your own choosing. You may make the quilt as thick or as thin as you want.

Don’t want to use t-shirts? That’s fine, too; you can use old blankets or scraps of material. You even buy your own material in the color you want it.

If you don’t have your own supplies, you can get them at https://stitchinheaven.com/, and you can get supplies ready to make your own quilt in no time.

Knit Some Pillows!

If knitting is a skill that you have, then knitting pillows will be a simple task. You could knit the pillows in the shape that you want it to be. The color and wool is your decision to make.

The shapes that your pillows can be knitted into will vary with your ability to knit. We can make them heart-shaped, pom-pom shaped, circular, or even rectangular shaped. It all depends on your skill and your imagination.

How To Decorate With Reusable Objects:

Do you have things that are just lying around in your home with no use? Well, here’s a way to make these things useful once more.

Old Memory Foam Mattress

Is there an old memory foam mattress somewhere in your home? You shouldn’t throw it away, because it can be used again. How may you ask?

You could use the old mattress as stuffing or filling. Are you making a quilt, use the mattress as a filling. You can stuff home-made pillows too.

If you are really crafty, you can create a brand-new headboard for your bed and use the mattress as padding. By reusing the old mattress, you may choose a new eco-friendly memory foam mattress.

Old Christmas Lights

For those of us who like fairy tales and fiction, the old Christmas lights would make great fairy lights. Some of us have small children who are afraid of the dark. Fairy lights use less electricity, and they will help with scared children.

Small glass jars or wooden baskets can add to the decor of the lights. You could even make paper flowers, stars, and other decor using whatever is lying around.

Does recycling and reusing old and usefulness things interest to you? Here are other ways to reuse things in your home for decorations.

Get Creative!

There are no limits to what you can do; it all depends on your imagination. You can buy decorations, or you can make them. You could reuse things like old flower pots for a keyholder or a pencil holder. If there are limitations, it is your imagination.




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