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4 Benefits of Deep Cleaning your Office

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Hidden away under the desks and farthest corners could be dust, mould and bacteria that has been building up for months. An office deep clean is essential because it ensures a clean and healthy working environment.

Just like deep cleaning Auckland houses, cleaning your office is a much-needed opportunity to give extra attention to every space in the office, including forgotten corners and neglected workspaces.

What is an office deep clean?
Besides the regular cleaning schedule provided in your office, this could be provided by cleaning companies or by employees contracted to do so, deep cleaning is done annually and for more prominent companies could even be done every three months. Deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning of the office premises covering all hidden surfaces, light fixtures and even ceilings. It includes vacuuming, dusting disinfection and much more.

How is it done?
An office deep clean follows a top to down cleaning strategy. First, it’s the highest areas, like the lighting fixtures, ceilings, and ladders if any. Next are the walls, arts on the walls, desks, signs and all work areas.

Finally, it’s the floor, and a final inspection is carried out after that to check for any areas that might have been overlooked. Areas that employees frequent and touch the most like phones and desks should be disinfected.

Kitchens need special attention to avoid cross-contamination. Special disinfectant for food preparation surfaces should be used.

Disinfect bathrooms as well, including sanitary bins and mirrors.

If there are movable cabinets or desks, they should be moved to clean those areas as well. These are areas that are usually ignored, so it’s essential to clean them too. Carpets and rugs should be deep cleaned as well. You can use steam extraction or other methods to clean them.

Benefits of deep cleaning your office

1. Improves work environment: Most people spend a good number of hours at the office. A clean and hygienic office boosts the morale, health and happiness of employees leading to increased productivity of your workforce.

2. Prevents illness: Deep cleaning your office is important to keep your workforce healthy and fit. Shared areas are havens for bacteria, and if there is a breakout of anything, it will spread easy and fast if these areas are not sanitized.

If any of your employees get sick and spreads the illness, then your productivity will be hampered. Minimize the spread of illnesses by deep cleaning the office space.

 3. Maintaining a professional and clean look: How would you feel walking into an office with dusty carpets and stained sofas? I am sure it will leave you with the wrong impression of the company.

Therefore it is crucial to create a clean and hygienic environment for your customers by deep cleaning, and it will send out positive vibes to your clients.

4. Cost-effective: Regular cleaning may save you some money but maybe futile in the long run. Your furniture and office upholstery should be deep cleaned as they are hosts to bacteria and mould as well as wear and tear. Having them deep cleaned will save you costs of having to replace them regularly.

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