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What are the Main Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

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What are the main health benefits of drinking coffee?

Most people know of the effect of the caffeine in coffee, which acts to give you energy, but do you know anything else about the benefits of that cup of coffee you are drinking? You might be surprised to learn that coffee doesn’t just taste good, it could also benefit your health.  If you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true then think again, there have been several studies over the years which have suggested possible links between the drinking of coffee and positive effects on health.

What exactly are the benefits?

Make use of your coffee machine today and you could be greatly enhancing the health of your liver. Italian research indicated that drinking coffee could potentially decrease the risk of liver cancer by up to 40%. Another liver condition to have been associated with positive effects from coffee intake is cirrhosis. A study by the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, California, suggested that drinking coffee could reduce the risk of cirrhosis in those drinking alcohol by up to 22%.

The antioxidant effect

Antioxidants can be naturally occurring or man-made; they are substances which help to prevent cell damage in the body. You can see the advantages of ingesting antioxidants as part of your daily diet. Coffee is one of the best sources of antioxidants for the population. It is the source from which people seem to find it easiest to absorb the antioxidants, and according to a research team at the University of Scranton, it is the source from where most antioxidants come, in the US.

Research into other potential health benefits of coffee

According to research firm the Harvard School of Public Health, drinking coffee in moderation (approximately two cups a day) could potentially protect you against suffering from heart failure. You can see how using that coffee machine could be protecting your ongoing health. Another area in which research has shown a potential benefit of coffee drinking is Parkinson’s disease. US research showed that the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease could be lessened by drinking

coffee. It also showed that the caffeine in coffee may help to reduce tremors in people who are already suffering from the illness. If you have a coffee machine, or are thinking of investing in one, you may have been wondering about the value of using it in a regular basis. Obviously you will know the energy enhancement that you can get, but now you can see that there are also several potential heath positives to drinking coffee regularly. For those who drink alcohol regularly, coffee can offer protection to your liver. It also has the potential to keep your heart healthy; obviously this is a major consideration in the quality and longevity of your life. When you place these major positives alongside the potential positive effect of coffee intake on Parkinson’s disease, you can see why drinking coffee each day is much more than just an aid to energy levels.

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I hope you coffee lovers, loved this informational post. Sip Sip and enjoy.

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