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DIY Different Styled Gift Wrapped Bows!

Make Your Gifts Look Fabulous This Holiday Season with DIY Different Styled Gift Wrapped Bows!

The holidays are here regardless of whether you are ready for them or not. Consider tying together the perfect present with one of these five eye-catching bows to top off your gift.

Easy Gift Wrap Bow

Choose festive ribbons with rich and intense colors. Anything with candy canes, bells, and snowflakes are perfect choices regardless of the color scheme.

Classic Bow

The classic bow is as simple as it sounds and is about as easy as tying your shoelaces into a bow. Satin ribbon is usually used when making this bow, but it is slippery. Try using Grosgrain ribbon as it still looks beautiful, but is a lot easier to work with.

Double Loop Bow

A double loop bow is ideal for adding to a gift box. A lot of ribbon is needed to make any bow, especially this one. Make sure to remember this when selecting the ribbon.

Graduated Loopy Bow

Graduated loopy bows look beautiful on narrow boxes, such as those containing neckties or gloves. They can also be placed diagonally on a box or crosswise on one end.

Puffy Bow

Creating a puffy bow is a festive way to decorate a special gift, add flair to your holiday wreath, or adorn your banister. Use wired, satin, plastic, or organza ribbon to give the bow the perfect twist.

Festive Bows for the Holidays

Using bows to embellish a package requires little expense and expertise. Mastering these five simple bow-making techniques allows your gifts to stand out from the rest.
How To Tie the Perfect Holiday Bow (Infographic)

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