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Christmas Home Tour for 2018

Hello friends, today I am sharing not a bunch of pictures (see my instagram for that wink), but I am sharing a full Christmas Home Tour for 2018 “video.” A video is so fun, because it feels more like real life, and as if your are there walking around with me. Plus I love to add music too. I am sharing every room minus four in my Christmas Home tour. 

Christmas decor is my all time favorite, and there is nothing, and I mean nothing more magical then turning your home into a festive cozy Christmas space/place etc. The warmth of the Christmas lights, the twinkle, the smells, the handed down treasures, the Christmas books and stories, sledding, a freshly built snowman, hot chocolate by the fire, etc.

There is just so much good that comes during Christmas. I love that there are no rules with decor and that goes for Christmas decor too. You can go big or go small, handmade, or bought, handed down or newly made. Whatever it is you do, its always gonna be special to you and to your home and family. The traditions we create and do, the ornaments, bobbles, decor, all of it, are the things and memories we will pass down to our children and our children’s children. 

I hope that you find my Christmas home tour inspiring, uplifting, and that is gets you in the mood for all things “Christmas home”. Thank you for visiting the blog today. Jen

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