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How To Wire a Ceiling Rose in Simple Steps

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Hi guys today’s DIY is How to Wire a Ceiling Rose in Simple Steps

Ceiling roses provide one of the worst technical nightmares to home owners. While it is functioning well, you will never have lights problems but when it conks you are in big trouble. If you attempt to fix it without the right skills, it is highly likely the light circuit fuse will pop or you will tamper with some of the other lights in your house. Insight on Ceiling Rose Functioning If you suspect there is a problem with your ceiling rose, you should first get some insight on how the

system works both for your safety and in order  to illuminate your house safely. Here are some comprehensive steps that will guide you in wiring your ceiling rose effectively:

Step 1

Safety comes first and before you start wiring the ceiling rose, you should make sure power is off at the consumer unit. What’s more, make sure you have a socket tester and alert anyone in the building that you are working on the unit. This helps avoid any fatalities.

Step 2

You need the right tools for the job and these include an insulated medium screwdriver, wire cutters, wire strippers, terminal screwdriver, test meter and a ladder. Also, note the new colors of wires where brown indicates ‘live’, blue ‘neutral’ and green/ yellow ‘earth’.

Step 3

You need to identify the circuit type in your rose for you to wire it successfully. The most common is the loop-in unit, which is easy to install and uses less materials. Once you open the rose check the number of cables entering – a junction box system has one cable while a loop-in circuit has two or three cables coming in.

Step 4

If you have identified that it is a loop system, identify the switch cable, which is brown in color attached to the loop terminal. The blue conductor tagged with the brown is the switch return conductor attached to the live terminal block. This block also has a flex connection with the brown going to the light itself. In the loop-in system, you will find the earth conductor in the switch cable housed with all the other earth conductors. You will also find two lighting circuit cables one coming from the last light and the other supplying the next light. Both cables have a blue conductor connected to the neutral terminal and a brown conductor going to the live loop terminal. If you are wiring a last ceiling rose in the circuit, there will only be one circuit cable because it does not serve other lights.

Step 5

For a joint-box circuit, you will find no switch cable but a live, neutral and earth coming into the ceiling and the same going to the light. The brown connects to the live terminal block, which also features a flex connection with the live brown wire going to the light. The blue wire is connected to the neutral block that also features a flex connection with the neutral of the flex going to the light. The terminal of course goes to the earth terminal.

Well, these technical aspects of your ceiling rose need not intimidate you because courses in electrical training can help you become an expert in a few days’ time. The days when you had to dread electrical repairs are about to end – go ahead and grab this chance.

I hope today’s DIY and tips will help you all in your home improvement projects.

Thanks for stopping in today, jen

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