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Washi Tape Bunny Silhouette

Hi! I am Shari from Spearmintbaby.com

 I love a good craft project, but with a 2 yr old & 4 yr old I try and keep my projects fairly simple. If it is too complex it usually doesn’t ever get completed! I’ve been wanting to try a washi tape silhouette for awhile and I thought the easter bunny would be perfect for this project. In terms of supplies needed, the project is super simple. I already had all of these supplies in my craft room (AKA: basement), so no need to even run to the craft store. As soon as my kids went down for their naps I started on my washi tape bunny silhouette. The entire project took about 1 hour. Here is the html of the original post: (let me know if you need anything else) washitapebunny12 
Good Morning! How was your weekend? We went to the Amerikick Internationals on Saturday night. Anyone else have kids in Karate? See a few pics of Harper at the show on Instagram. Sunday the kids were super tired from the show and they took long afternoon naps! (so RARE) I had a few hours to myself so decided to work on some Easter decorations. I’ve had this idea for a washi tape bunny silhouette after seeing this washi tape heart card that Anya made. It is really pretty simple to make. You can tape your bunny on the wall or frame it for the nursery when Easter is over!

Take your white paper (i used printer paper) and trace your round object onto it. I used this small green bowl. Try to center your round object the best you can.
Fold your paper in half and then draw 1 large bunny ear. I kind of sketched it out until I had the desired shape for my ear. Once it looks good to you, cut it out. When you unfold your paper you will have 2 symmetrical ears! Trace your bunny template onto a piece of cardstock. Use your exacto knife to cut along the bunny outline of the cardstock. This is the hardest part. Take your time to make the cardstock bunny outline as smooth as possible. *see the result 2 photos down
Take another piece of cardstock (I am using recycled cardstock purchased from Michaels) & cover it with rows of washi tape. Create a repeating pattern of rows or be totally random. Up to you.
Now you have your washi tape background & your bunny silhouette outline. Trim your washi tape background so it is just a tad smaller than your silhouette. You don’t want it to hang out of the edge of the silhouette. Use your double stick tape/glue/or mod podge to stick the silhouette on top of the washi tape cardstock. (again I used double stick tape because I already had it in my craft drawer- plus, way less messy!) Hang on the wall to enjoy. Or even frame it for the nursery!
Shari this is just darling, whether to frame and keep as decor, or it would be darling to have the kiddos make these on Easter Day… as a fun activity. 

Thanks Shari for visiting today on COM and sharing this cute craft project.

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