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Tissue Paper Window Decorations

hey there! its mindy from creative juice!
it has been too long since i have guest posted here and i missed you! 
i have been busy busy working on my book
(eeekkk! pinch me…it is still so fun to say that!!) 
 but now that most of the work is done,
i’m so happy to get back to my normal life of crafting, entertaining, and cooking! 
today i’m sharing my 
tissue paper
window decorations
they are SUPER cheap, easy, and just so adorable!
what’s great about this idea is that you can use it for ANY 
party, holiday, seasonal, or celebration theme 
by just changing out the colors and shapes!
i did a really fun one for easter HERE.
here is what you need:
tissue paper – pink, red, patterned ect.
heart doily – different sizes and colors
heavy starch spray
paper towels
hold the tissue paper or doily against 
the window with one hand 

and spray the starch with the other.

as it begins to saturate it will cling to the window.


{seriously you need to be careful- wet tissue paper will tear like crazy if you try to rush this}
begin in the center of the paper and work outwards 

GENTLY rubbing it to the glass

and pushing excess starch toward the edges.

pat dry with a paper towel. 
note: over time you may need to re-apply some starch to the edges but it is very minimal.
i love that it looks great at night and during the day!
to CLEAN up-
spray water to saturate the paper and then wipe away.
note: it does not matter how long it has been there – 
i have left mine for over two months and it came off just great!
you know those cleaning labels that say to try some on a small area 
before using a ton in the middle of your favorite shirt or something? 
ya well… don’t try this tissue paper tutorial on your painted walls or cabinets.
it will leave a spot. 
and then you will have to repaint.
trust me. 
so far – i have had success on windows and mirrors. 
use elsewhere at your own risk!
my kids were so excited to see it in the morning!!
can’t you just see this for every holiday and party???
click here to see my easter version of this craft!
happy entertaining!
mindy starr

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