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Valentine Popcorn ~ Sweet and Salty

Hello there, today I am sharing a family favorite and a super easy treat anyone can make. I am sharing my Valentine Popcorn. This popcorn that is a perfect mix of sweet and salty.. not to mention super festive too, is a perfect treat to make. You can make this popcorn for any holiday just by switching out the colors, sprinkles, and m&ms. Did I mention how much my kids love it too. Man I can’t get it made fast enough, before they want to attack it. 
So here it is.

Ingredients/How To:
~two bags of popcorn cooked
~ a good handful of m&ms
~ holiday sprinkles of your choice
sprinkle them to your liking.
~ a 3/4 c. of melted candy melts
in red. and a 3/4 c. of candy melts
in white.

~To Make:

Lay your popcorn down on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Then drizzle from a spoon your candy melts in both colors. Add your sprinkles next and then your m&ms. Once you have done all this, (and you can certainly customize the popcorn to your liking.) Place the Valentine Popcorn in the fridge to chill for about 20 minutes. Serve and Enjoy!

like I mentioned above
Hugs, jen
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11 thoughts on “Valentine Popcorn ~ Sweet and Salty

  1. OMG, you must’ve read my mind. I was just thinking, I sure could use a Valentine’s popcorn recipe! Seriously! Thanks so much. You are not only psychic, but creative, too! Pinned!


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