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DIY- make a pair of darling -Overall Trousers- for little boys

Hello Craft-O-Maniac Readers! My name is Angelina and I can be found blogging over at “Ruby Jean’s”
I am beyond thrilled to be counted as one of the Contributors here on COM. “The Seamstress”
Today I will be sharing with you a “Sewing for Boys” project.
I first started with an old pair of Trousers I had laying around.
I picked out a pair of our little guys pants that have a nice fit.
I turned them WRONG side out and traced and cut 4 pieces total
Hem the Bottom of Pants.
You can run the Elastic all the way through the waistband or only through the back
If you are going to run it only through the back. Be sure to leave openings on both SIDE seams. Secure your elastic to one SIDE seam then stretch it to the other SIDE seem. Secure in place and Stitch opening closed. Then finish with TOP stitching your waistband.
Mark and Make…
I made my straps LONGER allowing room for GROWTH.
Sew On…
Go to Town!!!
I LOVE the Vintage feel and look that these have.
They are so VERY easy to make, yet you get such a CLASSIC look.
I feel pretty safe in saying, that he likes them to.
I LOVE sewing for little….
As well as…
With them.
Oh’ MY Heavens Angelina YOU ARE AMAZING. What a precious pair of overall trousers for a precious little boy. LOVE THEM.
 xo jen

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