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{Romantic Canvas Stamped Table Runner}

OK– So I realize that this “Romantic Display” looks more like something for a Wedding, and not Valentines. However, since I don’t decorate for our Anniversary, I can’t think of a better way then to display things in honor of the {{LOVE OF MY LIFE}} then to do it for VALENTINES. If it still inspires you for a Wedding, then that is GREAT TOO.

I started with a long Canvas table runner from Canvas Corp. and some stamps I picked up for $2.00 dollars each from Michaels Crafts. Then with an ink pad I had at home, I got busy stamping away trying to stick with a pattern. It was a lot of fun, and I {{love}} the ending results.

I found this darling sweet dish at Michael’s. I cut out some vinyl to display our wedding day inside the dish. 

The “L” I won from a blog a year ago. Its jute wrapped around a thin wood “L” L- for the Larsen’s or for Love, or BETTER YET “Larsen Loves”!

The frame I glazed with some white acrylic paint and a little water. I wiped the paint on with some paper towels, wiping strokes here and there exposing more wood in certain places by wiping more. The Love block I bought years ago, but would be easy to make yourselves.  

 when I was a size “4” and hubby was skinny too with a full head of hair. GUESS what? I LOVE HIM WAY MORE NOW THEN I EVER HAVE.

 this ROMANTIC CANVAS TABLE RUNNER, was so easy to make and so fun. 
CREATING THE ROMANTIC LOVE TABLE was just as fun. I love picking out items to use from my home and playing decorator,  and seeing how it all comes together  in the end.
Thanks for stopping by.
xo, jen

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10 thoughts on “{Romantic Canvas Stamped Table Runner}

  1. hi Jen! Just found your blog today…your table runner is all kinds of awesome! I really love it! I made a table runner yesterday too…used paint though & foam stamps. Signed, your newest follower, Patti 🙂

  2. This looks great. I love how you stamped the runner. I think I’m going to steal this. My last name starts with an “L”, too. Can I steal your letter? I’ll let you know if I copy you.

  3. I think your little “love” display turned out very sweet, Jen! I adore the table runner…it’s amazing what a high end look a few stamps, an ink pad, and (most important) a creative hand can achieve!

  4. Oh I LOVE it… What a LOVELY idea and what a FANTASTIC Wedding Gift this would make… Speaking of which look at you in your GORGEOUS Wedding photos…. So very PERFECT!!! 🙂

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