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Featured Guest Post- Our Mini Family {Damask Puffy Paint Canvas Art}

Hi ya! Meet Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Cathy Mini! Yup, our last name is Mini.
from the Blog Our Mini Family, get it? Ha. Ha. We’re both pretty cheesy people, and love making a joke out of anything we can. Another thing about us is that we are both incredibly creative people. Cathy loves photography and crafting, and Adam loves writing stories and making video games. We are lovey-dovey, newlyweds and tied the knot on July 15, 2011! 
We grew up in the same small town, ran into each other in different circles of friends, and then in high school we did marching band together. Cathy had a HUGE crush on this adorable trumpet player, and couldn’t help but just swoon over him. Adam was totally intimidated by this confident, aggressive color guard girl who kept asking him out on dates and who told him how cute he was. High school passed us by, we went our separate ways as friends, and then reconnected while we were in college. One night, when they met at their hometown train station to say hello, a spark was reignited. 
Three years later, we tied the knot and have never been happier than we are now.
The funny thing is, we’re not extraordinary in any way. 
We’re just a boy and a girl who fell in love.
 and now UNTO THE PROJECT-{{ Damask Puffy Paint Canvas Art! }}
Puffy paint, among other things (like 4 canvases, stencil, pencil, painter’s tape, a ruler AND A RULER), was the key to the success of how this experiment turned out. 
Did I emphasis the ruler enough? Because it was super important! 
So this first two canvases were…interesting to say the least. I thought, for whatever reason, that putting the stencil down and THEN using the puffy paint on top would work. The funny discovery I made after it dried was that:
a) the puffy paint sat mostly on top of the stencil and not on the canvas!
b) most of the paint that did make it onto the canvas ended up acting more like glue and made the stencil stick to the canvas!

After coming to the discovery that this was not the best way to go about the remainder of this project, I decided to stencil the damask silhouette onto the canvas with a pencil! It really worked out 400% better, and if you decide to pursue this project: do NOT try it the first way I did it! (unless of course you want a stress headache!)
I think it turned out rather fabulously! Adam was laughing at me because I am a little bit mathematically challenged, and I was having difficulty calculating where to put nails in the wall to make my grid. In the end, about 15 minutes of grueling measurement later, my damask made it to the wall! I paid about $10 for the canvas, and $3 for the puffy paint! 

Glad to of had you here on COM.

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12 thoughts on “Featured Guest Post- Our Mini Family {Damask Puffy Paint Canvas Art}

  1. I absolutely love this project!! this is exactly what I’ve been looking for to put over our bed! I might even make one for our nursery too! thank you so much for the inspiration 😀 Pinning this now 😉 hehe

  2. It turned out stunningly beautiful! Great job! I love it when someone makes something that gives everyone else ideas for other designs to make as well!! I saw someone, over Christmas, on a blog, make a canvas Santa just by using a spackle compound ingredient. I think the same kind of art could be achieved using your process and having more of an outlined, abstract Santa face! (wheels are spinnin in my head now!) 🙂 Love your art work – just beautiful! – Karen

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