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Bubs and Bella’s "SWEET" Valentine Cards

Since my “Snickers Valentine” idea I created last year for my daughter, I was determined this year to do something just as clever and fun. I think I did pretty well and I am tickled with them, but MOST OF ALL…. MY KIDS ADORE THEM.
My sister however,
totally gets credit for the cute saying’s. I brainstormed with her my ideas and as soon as I mentioned them she threw at me the cute sayings…. BEFORE, I could say anymore. I loved them, she truly is an amazing poet, so I wasn’t shocked she got such fun saying’s right away. 
Anyway, I took the pictures of the kids posing them just so. Then I edited them in Picnik and added the text. I uploaded 50 pictures, 25 a piece- to Costco costing $6.78 bought the card stock, gum (found at Walmart), and Reese’s. Then with some cutting, gluing, and glue dotting I put the cards together. 
I know its a tad early, BUT they are DONE! wo-hooooo! for now they will sit in the pantry 
“UP HIGH”, until Valentine’s which is less then a month away.  
Thanks so much for coming by, you all make me so happy and I love your visits.
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