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{{SEW CUTE}} Embelished Skirt and Top

So as you know I just got a Singer Sewing Machine and am a NEWBIE, ROOKIE, SCARDY CAT- sewer. I have been having lots and lots of fun with “Miss Susie Sew” I have gained another BFF aside from Susie Sew… her name is 
“Seam Ripper Rosie” HA! She really truly knows how to give me a hand and has been a great friend.

So I did a little back to school shopping with my mom yesterday and lunch of course. We went to Target (heart) I picked up Miss Priss a cute green $3.89 clearance top and a denim looking puffy skirt for $12.99. My mom suggested I embellish the top so I was all for that. Once I watched a YouTube video on how to make a ruffle, I dived right in. I still have not boughten colored thread so its all white, but I don’t mind that extra layer of dimension. I was tickled when I remembered I had denim patches so I cut out heart shapes out of them, did a small ruffle to the corner of the two and ironed them on. 

HERE ARE SOME PICTURES. This is one of Miss Priss’s birthday gift’s too.
 everything is CUTER WITH RUFFLES

 The ruffled flower was made by creating a long ruffle and then rolling it in sections and adding a stitch in different areas until it was all finished and rolled. Then I stitched it on the skirt in a few areas as well.

I AM SO TICKLED WITH THIS PROJECT. I am surprising myself at what I am able to make on the sewing machine. I am so loving it. Maybe by the time I am 50 I will BE GREAT!
i have linked up with TT&J for Weekend Wrap up Party here.

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11 thoughts on “{{SEW CUTE}} Embelished Skirt and Top

  1. Hobby Lobby’s short sleeved t shirts are 50% off right now (FYI). I love it when they do this, because it is perfect to go and grab a few and add embellishments! Yours look great, it looks like a boutique find!

  2. You’re doing great w your new bff’s. I keep thinking I will get lessons someday but I think your trial and error is working out great. Can’t wait to see more creations.

  3. Your outfit came out so cute! On a side note for the goody bags I saw those crystal stickers and remembered that I bought some, but for the life of me I don’t know how to get them off the wrap without losing the shape and the sticky stuff on them. Is there some trick to those? Would love to find out how to use them!

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