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Strawberry Shortcake-goodie bag treats

 I am working on finishing up details for miss priss’s party Monday evening, tomorrow I will be doing some more, and on Monday making the sweet fun treats… for the P-ARTY!
Here are the BERRY SWEET goodies going in the girls goodie bags. ALL STRAWBERRY SWEETNESS! 
P.S. BELLA isn’t excited at all!, I mean not even a tiny bit? (double winks)
thanks for stopping by.
HAVE A SUPER {{SWEET}} weekend!!!

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6 thoughts on “Strawberry Shortcake-goodie bag treats

  1. Sweet!! and I bet those cute little bags smell just like a strawberry from all those yummy treats inside…Strawberry Shortcake’s sweet smell was my favorite thing about her 🙂
    Hope your little lady has a great birthday!

  2. Those cute crystal stickers, how do you take them off to use without losing the shape and the sticky stuff on the back? I bought some of those and couldn’t figure out how to use them. Would love to know the secret to getting them off and onto something without losing the shape and sticky stuff on back!

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