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Valentine Heart Topiary’s

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I worked on these Heart Topiary’s last night until almost midnight. My game plan for these went a totally different direction. So the other stuff I have will be for another craft project. However, I am pleased with the final outcome. 😉

HOW TO: To make these lovely heart Topiary’s I started with some fabric I picked up at walmart. I cut out a 81/2 inch heart from my cricut using a nice cardstock. The Cricut Cartridge  I used was the “Platinum Schoolbook.”

I then used the paper heart as a stencil to cut out the fabric. I didn’t follow to close to the paper heart, because I new I would be stuffing them. So you are more using the paper heart as a guide. When you are done cutting, both will look like this.

 Next you will start stapling around the fabric and to the paper.

Then you will stuff the heart with shredded paper, or tissue paper, or cotton, whatever you choose. I used some scissors carefully to push the stuffing toward the sides and bottom. NOTE- don’t staple a small hole you want a decent size hole to stuff. When finished stuffing staple the hole closed.

 It will look like this when you are all done.

TA-DA both stuffed and ready for more foofing. You could easily stop here and just make some to place here and there on a mantel or table with more V-DAY decor. 😉

 I used a “Ink It Up” light pink ink to rub up and down the dowel to paint them.

 I sliced two slits one in the back of each paper heart to stick the dowels in.

Stick your dowel in the cut hole and add some hot glue to the bottom tip of the heart to keep nice and firm.

I used a thin satin blue aqua ribbon to lace through two white plastic heart buttons. To act as another layer and embellishment to the center of the hearts……

 as well as cute red polka dot ribbon.

 I used a small square chunk of styrofoam to hold the dowel in place, along with shredded white paper.

 What is more Valentines then “HOT” tamales as a vase filler and fun layer.

and here it is with the ribbon embellishments and the jar stuffed with styrofoam, shredded paper, and hot tamales.

~ALL DONE~ NOTE- the backs of these will be facing a wall, once I get my entry table all decked out for V-day. So no one will see the ugly paper, staples, & glued backs HA!

If you make them or some like them email me, I would love to see your version, and share them. Thanks so much for stopping by.  HAPPY CRAFTING!
I am linking up with Whatever Goes Wednesday at Someday Crafts HERE and Skip to My Lou for Made by You Monday HERE.

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16 thoughts on “Valentine Heart Topiary’s

  1. OH MY HEAVENS!! These are SOOOO cute!!! and I LOVE your new blog look too! Now I wanna go change mine!! My sister gave me a ton of valentines supplies for new jewelry so I TOO have valentines on my brain! 🙂

  2. Oh dear, when I saw this post i was like wow V-day stuff Already! I still need to put away my Christmas Decor! hehe
    Wish I was on top my organization as you are! LOL
    Anywho, this is so cute! I LOVE the colors.. red and teal! Gorgeous! 🙂
    I adore those sweet little heart buttons too. 🙂

  3. Jen, those are too cute!!! And no sewing is even better! 🙂

    I had no plans to do any Valentine decorating…and all your crafts now have me thinking I’m going to have to implement a seasonal decor shelf or something in my house.

  4. I love this! What a fun and simple idea. I am going to give it a try.

    I also love the new layout. I was wondering if I had subscribed to a new blog… Nope…same great blog just a new facelift. Keep it up!

    Oh, and am I the last person on earth to take down their Christmas Decor?

  5. Thanks for posting early… my life is so busy it usually takes a week or two to find all the supplies, then another week or two to find the time. Planning is essential if I think I am going to do any holiday crafts.

  6. Recently discovered your site and I keep coming back and finding great projects! I love this one and I am going to do it this weekend – I’ll link back up to let you know when I’ve finished it. I know what to do with my V-day fabric, now!!! Thank you! ~Lori

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