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Say It On the Wall
Do you love Vinyl as much as I do? WELL I LOVE IT! its a wonderful way to bring out a wall that you aren’t sure what to do with. Especially if you aren’t ready to do any fancy wallpaper, paint, can’t paint, or not sure what color to paint. You can add a great vinyl saying. Vinyl is so versatile. You can put it on boards, glass, tiles, mirrors, tins, & walls. You can be super creative with it.

SAY IT ON THE WALL is my newest sponsor and a great giveaway will be coming to one of you real soon… stay tuned for that. For now I wanted to let you all know that Say It On The Wall is running a great PROMOTION RIGHT NOW! ALL of the “new product of the week” promotion’s products are 40% off until the end of the year with promo code NEW40- SOUNDS GREAT, HEAD THERE NOW!

Just to give you some great vinyl ideas…

 and they even take custom design orders like this one below-

So head to Say It On The Wall, and have a great day. P.S. YOU can also become an Affiliate for Say It on The Wall. Just click on Become an Affiliate on their home page.

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2 thoughts on “Extra Extra Read all about it….

  1. i am in love with the laundry room one!! we are about to start redoing our laundry room and it would be perfect!! i may just look into getting that one!!!

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