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Did Cupids Arrow just sting me? because I am in LOVE WITH MY NEW BLOG LOOK!

That is right I am in LOVE stung by an arrow or not…. DO YOU LIKE LOVE THE NEW LOOK?

THE TALENTED Heather OF Butterflygirlms Rambles on has done it again. Not only is she my Bloggy friend, FB friend, and EMAIL friend. She is my blog designer, and a fab blog designer at that! SHE IS ALSO so super sweet and creative. I put together a picture Collage of my Decor and Crafts and send it to her with my blog title and she does the rest. THANK YOU HEATHER MUCH MUCH LOVE TO YOU, I LOVE THE LOOK!

P.S. I understand that most of you, LIKE ME! still are surrounded by gift wrap, stocking stuffers, candy wrappers, new toys, new gifts, games. Not to mention all the holiday decor is still up. Yes’ I realize like the stores do, I am throwing Valentines in your face. {love me} However, my intentions are good. I am only trying to give you all an early head start V-day is the 14th of Feb. so it comes quick. If I can show you V-day crafts and stuff now, then I will. I hope that my early jump start is to do nothing more then -INSPIRE YOU ALL-. xo

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9 thoughts on “Did Cupids Arrow just sting me? because I am in LOVE WITH MY NEW BLOG LOOK!

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Last year, my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s day the first week of January, before he deployed. I never in my life had been more excited about stores “throwing” the holiday in my face! I think as far as crafters go, you need to get a head start, as you only have a month before you start to decorate, and if you’re anything like me, sometime during that month you’ll actually get one or two things done!

    Take the negative Nancies with a grain of aslt and give me some good tips and ideas to decorate our new home with!

  2. I ADORE the new look! I’m a Valentine girl at heart but that’s only becuase my birthday is the day after. I must admit I “love all the love”. I revel in it! Thanks for starting it up, it will be here before we know it!

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