The Most Painful Day of my Life

Hi friends, I thought its been long enough now and that I have the strength to share my miscarriage story. Yes’ If you didn’t know I was pregnant, I was. September 21st was my 38th birthday and my husband and I decided since my “Chemical Pregnancy” back in April this year, that we would try […]

Gossiping equals Bullying

Very recently I found myself aka “Craft-O-Maniac” on a gossip forum (via my YouTube channel), and like a curious idiot I looked again last night on “Mother’s Day.” I thought for sure that the gossip again “bullying” about me was removed because I hadn’t seen it when I shared this on Instagram about a week […]

Tips For Driving Safely as a Teen

  Yes you read that title correctly, and my teen will be driving this fall. Gulp. Anyway, I hope you all find today’s post helpful.  Image source found here Tips for driving safely as a teen Teen drivers are involved in more auto crashes than other members of the community; three time as many in […]

Merry Christmas and Share The Love and Kindness

Hello everyone,  I wanted to jump on my blog real quick (maybe) and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever or however you celebrate your holiday with friends, and family. I found myself earlier today responding to an article that was shared on FB via “BLAZE” about a ornery older woman spewing […]

OurPact|Parental Control & Screen Time Management

Today I am talking and sharing this great app, called OurPact. Let’s bring back the moments that matter.    I’m first going to go over some quick points to cover and feature for the new- OurPact 2.0. This is exciting, as it gives you “the parents” the power to globally manage the screen time of any of your […]

Terrible Toddler Tantrum at Target

Easter 2014 Say that five times.. “Terrible Toddler Tantrum at Target”. Yes’ it happened and I may have caused a seen with my reaction, but I actually can pat myself on the back for following through- which I think is the most important lesson.  So the story begins yesterday morning. My three older kids headed […]