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OurPact|Parental Control & Screen Time Management

Today I am talking and sharing this great app, called OurPact. Let’s bring back the moments that matter. 
I’m first going to go over some quick points to cover and feature for the new- OurPact 2.0. This is exciting, as it gives you “the parents” the power to globally manage the screen time of any of your child’s device or devices. Yeah- what parent doesn’t need or want that? wink. 
For starters, OurPact 2.0. is a new released version including a redesign of the iOS parent application, as well as a web app which can be accessed via OurPact.com. Parents can access on any device Desktop, Android, or iOS now how have access to the OurPact platform. For Android parents, you would need to log in via their Android Browser to the Web App for full mobile control. Please note, that there is not an OurPact app in the Play Store.  OurPact is the most reliable tool of its kind, and us parents need something that is reliable and that actually works. Yes! and Yes!
OurPact is not only free for parents, but can be utilized in a number of ways. Some examples would be that, apps can just dissappear and can no longer be accessed. Another would be that the device can shut off due to timing being implemented and/or if you are on let’s say vacation, ready for dinner, or just want their eyes to take a break, or best of all- spend time with family.
OurPact is intended to bridge that gap between parents and children. We love our children, and as it stands we live in a day and age where we are centered around our devices, laptops, computers, and lots of social media. All of that is fine, but it’s also fine as parents to be in a little more control of our children. Opening up the lines of communication between ourselves and our children is most important and you will get that with OurPact. 
All that said, I know that OurPact isn’t for all parents. Some of us have older children, but wether they are older children (still under 18) or really young, most of us struggle with children and their devices. 
In a nutshell-OurPact is parental control application that gives parents the ability to block Internet and Apps at -a-touch or through daily time schedules. 
What make OurPact unique? -Easy to use & set up –
To set up OurPact? 
– Parents either download the iOS App from the App Store or sign up at OurPact.com
– From there the parent will need to pair their child’s device to their OurPact family Dashboard. Pairing only takes about 1 minute.
– After paired, you will see your child in your dashboard where you can either set a block or create a schedule.
Using OurPact Parents on iOS  
– Down load OurPact for iPhone, iPad or iPod for free from the App Store 
Parents on Web/Desktop 
– Create an account or sign in to our Web App via OurPact.com Parents on Android
– Create an account or sign in to our Web App via OurPact.com in your Android Browser Block Children on iOS
– Venture to pair.OurPact.com on your child’s iOS Device and install the MDM profile. This profile will run in the background unnoticed and will allow full device management. 
– Venture to pair.OurPact.com on your child’s Android device and download OurPact Jr. for Android from the Google Play Store. Go through the set up process.
our pact image 2 our pact image 3 our pact all devices
Thank you for visiting today and learning all about OurPact. Nothing is more important then finding ways to remind our kids of more important things in life.. such as family time.
OurPact has released some amazing new promotional videos, like the one below. Please share if you would like. 

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