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Help in The Laundry Room

cute laundry rooms www.craft-o-maniac.com
I love a clean, fresh, inviting laundry room. Don’t you? and one day I will have a front loader, but for now my washer and dryer work just great. There are many different washing machines out there today. Today I am talking about Speed Queen Laundry products are known internationally for their quality and durability. These products are uniquely appropriate to the needs of customers in New South Wales, Western Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory and are available from F.L. Costello & Co.

For example, the problems of cleaning mining clothing with all the grit, rocks, and grease involved are uniquely hard on laundry equipment. Robust, heavy-duty washers, dryers, and extractors for both commercial and household usage are available from F.L. Costello & Co., sole distributor for both Speed Queen and Unimac laundry equipment in this area.

Community laundry facilities are an excellent source of income for people wanting to establish a business close to their place of residence. The varieties of machines and support afforded by F. L. Costello & Co. make owning this type of facility a convenient and easily operated business that benefits your community. Accessories such as coin-operated soap dispensers and softener dispensers make laundry more convenient for your customers. The coin-operated features of the laundry equipment are secure from tampering, allow for convenient emptying, and reset. Difficulties with equipment, if any, are addressed quickly and efficiently upon contact with F. L. Costello & Co. and their efficient repair people.

Speed Queen and Unimac laundry equipment is uniquely suited for the rigors of a home laundry space, also. The varieties of equipment take into consideration space requirements, your laundry needs, and the volume of laundry you contemplate. F.L. Costello & Co. can have an associate consult with you about electrical service, plumbing requirements, and other needs to construct a laundry especially for you.

Laundry machine capacities vary from 35 pounds to over 100 pounds, depending upon the needs of your business. Commercial laundries such as those used by hospitals, military bases, and the hospitality industry are a particular specialty. Microprocessors make this equipment not only convenient, but also economical in their use of gas and electricity.

Spare parts for machines are readily available upon demand and same-day repair is available to keep your business or laundry functioning at top capacity. Furthermore, rental agreements and financing are available to help you begin your business quickly. Consultation services upon business methods, finances, and operating costs may be provided as needed.
No matter what your laundry room, cleaning, space and your functionality is, do what works and is convenient for you. Some tips I like are jars for coins, or a jar/tin/cute cup for miscellaneous stuff, i.e. legos, rocks, trinkets my kids find and like to store in their pockets. I also love to use a ball jar for my dryer sheets, and a large jar with a lid for my laundry detergent. I like to keep a basket just for socks and one basket a piece for each one of my kids folded laundry. Oh’ and I also like to make my laundry space cute and inviting. winks.  

cute laundry rooms www.craft-o-maniac.com

Pretty much! double winks!

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