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Home Decor The Laundry Room

Hi Guys, today I am sharing my laundry room in the new place. 


the Laundry Room, while GREAT, doesn’t come with a window in it. Plus its located in a spot in the home where even on the sunniest day, there is no windows around shooting natural light in its direction. (sad face) So, that said, the pictures aren’t my fav. and the room is so cute too, a lot cuter in person. Oh’ Well.  I did my best changing the setting’s on my camera to shoot the room. So I  hope you still enjoy it, even without the wondrous natural light that is so fab. for picture taking. 

So here is the Laundry Room. I didn’t buy one thing for this room, I shopped my home and used what I had, so I think that is the best part. “FREE!”
Laundry Room www.craft-o-maniac.com

Laundry Room www.craft-o-maniac.com

Laundry Room www.craft-o-maniac.com
DOING laundry in this happy colorful room isn’t such a drag.

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