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8 Tips To Keep Pests Out of Your Kitchen


Your kitchen is where your food and all the nooks and crannies are, which makes it the most vulnerable to pest infestation.

There is nothing as off-putting as having a housefly drop into your pancake batter or fruit flies buzzing all around your fruit basket. They make your kitchen unsanitary for food production and feel dirty especially when you are having guests over.

Here are some tips that you can apply to get rid of those little nuisances:
Store your food in strong, sealed plastic and glass jars and bottles Most pests, like rats, can quickly chew through cartons and paper to gain access to your cereals.

Transfer them to durable plastic or glass containers that come with strong seals. Failing to seal the containers afterward, especially those with sugar, jam, or cookies will leave them open to attack by ants.

Clean up your shelves often
Have days that you dedicate exclusively for general kitchen cleaning, and have your focus on the shelves where there may be residual spills, particles, grains, and other pest attractants. Be sure to use soap and warm water, and you can be sure that pests will avoid your kitchen.

Clean up after cooking
After you are done cooking, all you want to do is sit and enjoy your meal. However, the job is not done until your clear the counter-tops, utensils, and floor of all the food particles.

These tend to attract pests looking to carry some to their hideouts. Again, avoid leaving used dishes for too long in the sink. The smell of food and those particles will attract houseflies, ants, and other pests. Clean up as soon as possible.

Keep cooked food in the fridge
If you have any leftover food, be sure to place a loose cover over it to let it cool, and keep it from attracting pests. As soon the food is cold, put it in the fridge to discourage insects from contaminating it.

Manage your pantry
Be sure to buy only the food that you need, and not obtain more when there is some in the pantry. This leads to expired products, which will smell and attract pests.

Put all fresh fruits and vegetables in easy-to-access places with light so that you can detect changes in color and use
them before they go bad.

Get rid of clutter
You might be tempted to keep all your peanut butter jars for future use, but these serve as pest attractants and places for them to hide. Also be sure to return all your kitchen tools, food containers, and cutlery to their respective shelves and stores.

Take out the trash
Empty your trash can as soon as you dispose of any food leftovers, peels and bones to avoid attracting pests. Also, clean the trash can and line it with a fresh bag.

Call a professional
If the pest problem is getting out of hand, consider calling ant control services to get rid of ants and other pests once and for all.

Keep your kitchen pest free will not only keep it clean but also enjoyable to work in.

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