Tips for Optimal Craft Room Design

     Creativity and clutter tend to go hand in hand. Many of the craftiest, most imaginative people in the world tend to have messy workspaces, strewn with projects and littered with ideas. And maybe there’s something to be said for that. Then again, can you imagine a craft closet that was actually well organized—and […]

Craft Closet Makeover

Hi friends, today I am sharing a small sneak peek of my craft room. I am sharing my “Craft Closet Makeover” First things first, I am a ding bat.. and I didn’t take a before shot of the full mess that was the closet. Basically the bottom of the closet had all kinds of stuff, […]

Craft Room Wall with Whites and Brights

Hello friends, today EEEP! I am sharing my Craft Room Wall with Whites and Brights. So lately I have spent the last few weeks re-doing my craft room wall, painting, spray painting, staining, sewing, everything! (feel free to check out my old craft room here). I wasn’t enthused with creating in my space anymore, I […]

Rustic Craft Room

Hello, I’m Lindsey and I blog at Girl Meets Carpenter!  My husband and I have been home-owner’s for 8 years and we haven’t sat down since!  Both my husband and I have a great passion for home improvement.  We love to dream something up and make it happen!  But we are also frugal!  So everything […]

"Sew" Shadow Box Art

I had fun yesterday playing around with a 7 gypsies shadow box, and some other fun stuff. I love when an idea pops in your head and you can’t wait to see the whole project come together.  This project was super easy! I think all together I had it done in 15-20 minutes, but that’s […]

Craft Room Wall Reveal

EEEEEEEK, I am so excited to finally have my space back! My colorful, happy, organized  “Craft Space!” Today I am sharing my Craft Room Wall Reveal. Today I am sharing “more then enough” HA! pictures of my “CrAfT Room Wall” I took up one wall in our MB to create my space. I used stuff […]