Tips for Optimal Craft Room Design


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Creativity and clutter tend to go hand in hand. Many of the craftiest, most imaginative people in the world tend to have messy workspaces, strewn with projects and littered with ideas. And maybe there’s something to be said for that. Then again, can you imagine a craft closet that was actually well organized—and a craft room design that maximized your functional space?

It’s not just a pipe dream. You can design a craft room that’s clean, orderly, and made to be used. In fact, doing so may actually help you to get more out of your craft room.

Tips for Optimal Craft Room Design

But what can you do to keep your craft area suitably utilitarian? Consider some of these craft room design tips:

  • First, consider some built-ins. These units are best for those who plan on staying in their current home for a good, long while; remember, future buyers may not want to use that room as a craft closet, and may not like your permanent shelving. But if you’re laying down roots, built-ins can provide some great, attractive, and unshakable space for you to store your larger craft supplies. An L- or U-shaped configuration can work especially well.
  • Many crafters prefer open, visible storage—places where they can easily see their supplies and access what they need without any inconvenience or fuss. There are many options here—including open shelving, plastic bins, large tubs, wire shelving units, mesh or wicker baskets, and more. Again, picking see-through containers is likely best—or at the very least, containers with good, clear labels.
  • You will also need some smaller storage spaces—areas to place stickers, buttons, thread, and other, more diminutive crafting items. Something like a jewelry organizer can work wonders here; hardware stores may also have some good containers. Once again, transparent materials are recommended.
  • Something else to consider is creating a craft room that offers additional uses. You may want to place some comfortable seating so that the room feels welcoming to guests. If you have space, you may even put in a bedroom suite, allowing your craft area to double as a guest room. Of course, this will force you to keep the craft area orderly—and maybe that’s not such a bad thing!
  • Make sure the room is not just functional, but also fun; an inspiration board can be a great way to set the tone for the entire room.

The bottom line for crafters is that, while clutter may well breed creativity, there is something to be said for a well laid-out and organized space. It may even enhance your creativity—so give it a try today!

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