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Craft Closet Makeover

Hi friends, today I am sharing a small sneak peek of my craft room. I am sharing my “Craft Closet Makeover” First things first, I am a ding bat.. and I didn’t take a before shot of the full mess that was the closet. Basically the bottom of the closet had all kinds of stuff, stacked up and everywhere. I finally had it, and went to Michaels to buy some boxes to store all that misc. craft supplies, and items that you don’t know what to do with. Also, I get lazy, and all though the closet would of been cute painted a celery green, mint. or light yellow, I just wanted to get it done. The thought of picking out paint, taping everything off, covering the carpet, and painting just seemed like more work than I was ready for. I tend to deal with the “boring” beige as most would call it, and leave it. At least beige goes with everything, and I can always paint later. OK’ I got that nonsense out of the way. 

Oh’ one more thing, our home is “40” years old and yes’ their is a giant ac duct or vent whatever you want to call it, running through the closet. I also opted to leave the closet open, not purchasing doors or anything else for it. I think it makes my fairly small craft room, feel and appear larger. Plus, the nice thing is that everything is right inside the closet. Therefore, should doors or something else come later, everything is tucked nicely and neatly inside. 

Now let’s see basically all the after shots and the semi crudy before shot. wink. 

craft closet before

craft room closet5

craft room closet

craft room closet1

craft room closet2

craft room closet8

craft room closet9

craft room closet7

craft room closet3

craft room closet10

Stay tuned, because by summer I will be sharing the full craft room reveal in our new (old but new) home. Thanks you all for stopping in today. 




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One thought on “Craft Closet Makeover

  1. I just came across this article and saw the duct you talked about. I was wondering if the pipe could be painted white and then take red duct table and swirl it from top to bottom and it would look like a giant peppermint stick. 🙂

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