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Craft Room Wall with Whites and Brights

Hello friends, today EEEP! I am sharing my Craft Room Wall with Whites and Brights. So lately I have spent the last few weeks re-doing my craft room wall, painting, spray painting, staining, sewing, everything! (feel free to check out my old craft room here). I wasn’t enthused with creating in my space anymore, I hated my craft space, and it just overwhelmed me. I needed a change and I must say the change has helped. I wanted to go with more white so I started by spray painting my giant peg board white. I also wanted to make things look cleaner, so I removed the giant yellow shelf I had before, and didn’t over crowd my peg board. I wanted things to be even on both sides of my peg board (unlike before when I used what I had), so the hubby and I visited Home Depot. I picked up a large board and had it cut into 4 pieces, then I stained the wood, and the hubs hung them up with “L” brackets. Even though the space is more cleaned up and whiter and brighter, I couldn’t totally get rid of color. Color is me, and I love this organized cheerful creative space now. I hope you all enjoy the new look.

YAY I am just so excited for today’s post, so with that said “Welcome to my craft room (more like craft wall)” this is a place where I can close the door, turn on Pandora and “CREATE”

craft room makeover whites and brights full side wall

All the letters, the two wood ones and the paper mache ones are from JOANNS. I painted the wood ones, added ink it stain to the edges,  then dressed up the others with traced and cut out cork board,  ribbons, and washi tape on another, and hot glued buttons to another. So fun.

craft room makeover whites and brights create

The cute black arrow is new like the shelves and letters, and its also from JOANNS.craft room makeover whites and brights 1

craft room makeover whites and brights side2

craft room makeover whites and brights

The bench I have had for years, and finally bit the bullet and got it painted.  I love it. The crates you see too, I also painted and added chalk boards too. They will be a later post.

craft room makeover bench love

craft room makeover craft shelves1

You can find the Hello Lover sewing machine printable here.

craft room makeover shelves

craft room makeover craft shelves

craft room makeover shelves full shot

Free Printable’s! Right click and save as.

craft printable craft room love printable

craft room makeover facing peg board

craft room makeover paints on pegboard

The craft on printable you can find here.

craft room makeover craft peg board1

craft room makeover whites and brights full side

craft room makeover create angle

craft room makeover side with crates

Now lets take a look at a few Before and Afters because they are always fun to see.

craft room walll side before


craft room makeover whites and brights 1


craft room wall full before


craft room makeover whites and brights side2


craft peg board beforeAfter!

craft room makeover facing peg board

I love my new space and I have been enjoying it a bunch. I sure hope you all have enjoyed my new Craft Room Wall with Whites and Brights.  Thank you so so much for stopping by. If you have any questions about anything you see, leave me a comment and I will reply. xo jen

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xo jen

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27 thoughts on “Craft Room Wall with Whites and Brights

    1. That is so funny you say that, I bought the crates over a year ago the last time I was with my MIL. I told her I wanted to re-do my pantry and use them in it. Well I guess I have to buy more. Thanks for the visit and love girl. xo jen

  1. Your makeover looks great! I really like the simplicity and efficient set up looks so “user friendly”.
    I have a couple of those Thirty-One Littles Carry All in my craft room that I use for various things. They are the perfect size for holding sewing notions and what-not. The pattern you have is one of my favorites! 🙂
    Thanks for all the great ideas you share with us.

  2. Looks great!!! “Create” looks so creative and just inviting to get all your creative energy out. Just think of all the great things that are going to come out of this space!!! Looking forward to seeing it all. 🙂

  3. HELLO,
    I love your space. Can you tell me the dimensions of the peg board?
    -Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Hi Lans,

    it was honey oak before and I got it at a thrift store. I think it was a spice rack. I spray painted it and sanded it and used it for paint. Thanks, jen

  5. Love your makeover, looks so much livelier!
    Can I ask how you attach all your bits to your pegboards? I got given some but hardly any fixtures & don’t know the best way to attach the many things I’d like to attach, which are all different shapes and sizes. If possible I’d love a solution that won’t cost me a fortune!

    1. Donna, Thank you. You can get metal hooks at hardware stores they are for pegboards and tool benches with peg wholes. They are meant to hold tools, scissors, pails, etc. Thanks again, jen

  6. Where in the world did you purchase/find the giant peg board?!? I’m trying to create a craft space in my house and this would be perfect (takes up less space on the floor!!! Love everything about your new and improved crafts area!!! Great job.

    1. Hi Lindy,

      When we moved into our home it was in our garage, and I spray painted it white. I believe you can get them at a Hardware store… like Ace Hardware etc. I hope you find one. Thanks, jen

  7. I really like your space. We are in the process of organizing an unused ‘junk’ room & I need your “create.” Do you sell it?

  8. jadelm31@gmail.com' Hey!! I love the shelves you implemented on your pegboard..how did you attach those and where did you find them? SO beautiful! says:

    Love the shelves on your pegboard!! Where did you get them and how did you attach?!!

    1. You can find peg boards at Home Depot and I am sure Lowes too. They also sell the hooks for pegboards. Thank you by the way. jen

  9. But… where did all your scissors go?… in the before picture you have several pairs hanging off your board and in the after picture I see only one? I love painting things white and bright colors it makes everything seem more cheerful. Great job

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