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Full Craft Room Reveal

Hello everyone, I have been putting off this post forever!!! It was alway’s just one more thing, I need to change this, add that, paint this.. and I finally told myself, “If you don’t take pictures and get it on your blog, you never will!” I blame it on my perfectionism problem. There are still things I would like to change or do first, but this is my full room for now. I alway’s change things anyway, or add, or take away.. who knows what I am talking about? Anyway, the room is full of lots of colors, so I kept the walls the beige (blah) color, and figrues it worked since I have cork, some burlpa, and other nuetral colors flowing through my room. In our home we purchased last September I chose the 5th room to be my “Craft Room” I have waited 16 plus years for a craft room and was so over the craft walls, or nooks, I took up in our master bedrooms. Allthough you do what you can and use what you have, I was thrilled our home had a 5th bedroom that I can call my own. I do work from home with my business being Craft-O-Maniac, so I really needed a space I can close the door and craft or work in. YEAH!

Let’s take a look at al the pictures shall we?

full craft room reveal32

full craft room reveal23

full craft room reveal8

full craft room reveal5

full craft room reveal9

full craft room reveal14

full craft room reveal17

full craft room reveal18

full craft room reveal19

One of my favorite space’s is under my hutch. I love all the bins with organized craft supplies. I know exactly what is in each bin. The bins were purchased from Walmart about 7 months ago. 

full craft room reveal26

full craft room reveal22

full craft room reveal31

I did chalk paint the blades on my fan, and spray painted the shades. Easy DIY. 

full craft room reveal21

The room’s in our home are fairly small, so I opted to leave the closet open and exposed, it gives off a larger feel to the room, and I love seeing more organization and such. 

full craft room reveal12

full craft room reveal29

full craft room reveal28

full craft room reveal34

A lot of what you see in this space, are pieces of furniure I have thrifted for cheap and up-cycled/re-painted. Items I have accumulated over the last 8 years. Lots of DIY items, and stuff picked up from craft stores, dollar stores, etc. If you have any “specific question” about anything at all, I am very good about answering question’s, and would be more then happy to answer a question you have about something. Thank you for visiting my creative happy space. jen

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38 thoughts on “Full Craft Room Reveal

    1. Thanks Samantha, you are always just the sweetest, and such a great support. I love hearing from you always. jen

  1. I would love to know details about your sewing table. I need to find one and don’t know where to start. Thanks!

    1. Hello Jessica,

      Well I found the table at my local DI (thrift store) for $20.00 bucks. It was nasty and beat up old aok and laminate. I gave it a face lift. I say hit your local thrift stores and with a nice scrub and some paint, chalk paint, spray paint, you can have yourself a darling table. jen

  2. Beautiful bright space. Enjoy creating in there!

    LOVE your aqua folding chairs!! Assuming that was a spray paint number?

    1. Hi Karissa,

      I actually bought them that was from Tai Pan Trading last two springs ago. They typically get them in around this time and I believe they are $!5.00 dollars each. jen

        1. Hello Dee, I found the piece at a thrift store, I believe it was custom made. I did chalk paint it two different colors, and sanded it up a bit. It’s my favorite thing in my craft room. Jen

  3. Where did you find the blue wall storage hung under your create sign? That is my dream wall cubby I am always on the lookout for. My boyfriend always says I could open my own craft store worth the amount of supplies I have, but it hinders creativity not being able to see allot of what I have. Any ideas on where to look for a piece like that would be much appreciated. Thanks for your blog/article

    -your fellow crafter

  4. Woops should have read comments. ..I see you found it at the thrift store. ..still any suggestions on where else?

    1. I have no idea? I know that the piece I scored was a DIY, one of a kind. It was painted an ugly dark brown purple, and I had to clean it up, and chalk paint it. I have never seen anything else like it. I suggest making one, or keep your eyes peeled. Good luck. jen

  5. Hi, Love your craft area! It is so organized, cheerful and uplifting! You must have a great time making things and I would definitely say it looks like an amazing happy space!
    Grandma Janet

    1. Hi Devon,

      I actually thrifted that at an antique store many years ago. I painted it and distressed it. Thanks, jen

  6. I love your room! I’ve recently been able to take over a room for crafting and have been stalking Pinterest for ideas. There are about a billion craft rooms all doing the same small book case or IKEA 4square with a hollo core door or board on top. So over done. Boring!! I don’t even have an IKEA close by. I love your thrifted furniture space!! And the bright colors! Great job! Happy crafting!!!

    1. Hi Tori,

      Thank you so much. I agree with what you are saying. I think your creative space should totally reflect you, inspire you, but also be functional. Thanks for the love. jen

  7. Hi Jen, I just love your room. I’m trying to make the most of my wall space in my “small” sewing room with a large peg board on one wall. And for another, I’d like to build the turquoise cubby. Could you share the size of yours for reference please?

    1. I’m not near it to measure, but to reference it I would say about 5 feet long. Good luck. jen

        1. Hi Teresa, YEAH! How exciting and fun. Please share or tag me on Insta or FB when you have it all made. I would LOVE to see it. xo jen

  8. Fabulous !!! I have craft room envy !!! I would live to have a craft room like yours one day. Would you mind if I posted your photos on Facebook as my “Dream Craft Room”? I like the turquoise color but I think I would do mine in a Sea Foam Green. Thank for sharing your pictures and ideas. 😃

    1. Its just a shelf I bought from a thrift store and painted. I took two dowels cut to size, sewed to curtain panels with a sewn loop on each one, and strung the dowel through the sewn loop on the curtain panel. Then I just tacked each strung curtain panel to the wood shelf. Basically, its an illusion. HA! jen

    1. I found them at two different craft stores. Two are wood letters I painted and the other ones are paper mache ones from JOANNS that I covered in different items such as cork, yard, buttons. Most craft stores carry letters. Jen

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