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Pineapple Birthday Party

Hello friends, today I am coming at you with  my daughter’s 11th “Pineapple Birthday Party.” I will do my best to share where most of the items are from. Both my daughter and I love pineapples so it was an easy decision (not that my opinion matters Meh’) so I, like her, was just as thrilled with everything and how things came together.

Aside from some stuff I got from Oriental Trading, I shoped my home and then to fill up most the shelving I used all her wrapped gifts from her dad and I. Doing that helped out a lot, because again I shopped my home and found mainly stuff from my craft room. All and all it was a ton of fun, and my favorite were the pineapple drinking cups, the giant confetti poppers that my hubby spotted and picked up from Walmart (be sure to check out the video below to see the confetiti poppers used), and Bella getting emoitional over her handmade mermaid tail blanket her Innie made. So much fun, and I can’t believe how fast my babies are growing up, Like I remember Bella’s first birthday ” A butterfly birthday and she had the cutest butterfly dress and cake.” like, it truly goes by faster each year. So making these birthday memories are so important for me and a must. 

Oriental Trading Items:

– Plastic Pineapple drinking cups

– Pineapple garland

– Pineapple 3d pop outs (hanging from the light fixture and on the shelves)

– Pineapple suckers

– Pineapple plates, and napkins

– Ceramic pineapple drink cups

Giant Gold Pineapple- was from HomeGoods and I spray painted it gold, the white light up pineapple is from Jo-Ann, the rubber pineapples with heart sunglasses were from Bath and Body Works and they hold sanitizers in the back.  Other stuff I shopped my home and some I got from Walmart.

Here are the pictures:

pineapple birthday party1

pineapple birthday party4

pineapple birthday party8

pineapple birthday party5

pineapple birthday party7

pineapple birthday party10

pineapple birthday party11

pineapple birthday party20

pineapple birthday party14

pinapple party full shot


You can also check out Bella’s Paris Party from last year, HERE. 

paris-party-side-shot FAVORITE

Thank you all for visiting today.

xo jen

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