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Smart Strategies To Raise Cash Quickly

It’s not unusual to desire a predictable life. However, life has a knack for bringing unexpected circumstances, which mostly will require financial solutions. For instance, sudden medical expenses, damages from natural disasters, car issues, etc., requires money to fix them immediately. However, this can become a challenge if you don’t have an emergency fund to cater to these situations. 

A FEMA survey indicated that 6 out of 10 American households experience a financial emergency annually, while one-third have no savings. A U.S Federal reserve survey also indicated that 40% of Americans would struggle to take care of unexpected expenses like a $400 automobile repair. If you need to raise cash for an emergency, here are some smart strategies you can leverage. 

  1. Organize a garage sale 

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Sometimes, your key to fast cash can be lying in your home. You may have household or personal items that you haven’t used in a while. You don’t have to let them waste away, as you can sell them off in a garage sale. A survey by Encyclopedia.com revealed that Americans host approximately 6.5 to 9 million garage sales annually, and for good reasons. Garage sales can help you turn your items into quick cash to settle your unexpected expenses. Moreover, it’s a great way to interact with your neighbors and enjoy the outdoors. Additionally, you get to eliminate clutter and maximize space in your home. Although garage sales are effective, you need to leverage certain steps to reap the full benefits. 

You want to have set goals for your garage sale to keep you motivated and focused. Likewise, visiting other garage sales can give you a fair idea of how to price your items, so keep this in mind. As a tip, visit your community’s newsletter or message boards for descriptions that would catch your customers’ attention. Also, pick a suitable date for your event. Experts advise that you host it on the first weekend of the month, as people are usually paid at this time. It’s essential to gather and price every item you wish to sell, as waiting to set a price a day before the event can lead to poor sales. Advertising is important, so feel free to leverage it for the best results. 

  1. Try odd jobs 

Don’t lose hope if you don’t have items to part with. You can always offer your services by trying odd jobs. This can work when you have time on your hands to tackle additional jobs. According to the United States Census Bureau, multiple job holding among Americans has increased over the past two decades. Indeed, taking odd jobs has its advantages. You can easily make quick cash for starters, especially if you’re waiting for a permanent job. What’s more, spending your time working these jobs can prevent you from spending exorbitantly, and you can get extra savings. Fortunately, several odd jobs are available, and you can take up more than one, depending on how much time you have and your expertise. 

For instance, you can offer pet walking or pet sitting services if you’re an animal lover. Likewise, you can try house cleaning and other domestic services if you enjoy these tasks. If you love being around kids, try babysitting and going grocery shopping for busy friends and neighbors. You can also identify the elderly in your neighborhood and help them with their chores and other activities. You can become a Lyft or Uber driver if you have a car. Cash in on your handyman skills by doing small plumbing, painting, or bricklaying jobs. 

  1. Sell something valuable 

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While it may be challenging to part with something valuable, it can be the best option if you’re seeking quick cash to attend to a pressing need. These assets can be liquidated, and you can get enough to address your needs and extra savings. For instance, you can quickly sell your game consoles, TVs, and other electronic devices on various platforms like Swappa, Craigslist, SellCell, Amazon, Gazelle, etc. Likewise, Depop, Flyp, Thrift+, threadUP, ASOS Marketplace, etc., are all platforms where you can sell your used clothing for a good amount. Also, platforms like WatchBox buys luxury watches, so feel free to contact them if you have one to part with. 

If you’re not ready to sell valuable assets, you can pawn them. You can give your valuables to pawnbrokers as collateral for a loan. After settling your loan, you can get your valuables back. Be sure to deal with licensed pawnbrokers. 

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