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Make Money At Home This Week

When it comes to making money, all of us want to make as much as we can. During the ongoing pandemic worldwide many of us have come under financial strain, and it has caused us to consider new ways to earn. 

If you are stuck at home during the pandemic and are looking for a new source of income, we have some ideas for you today. Try some of these things and start making some serious money from home this month and beyond. 

Delivery driving

If you are looking for a solid reason to go out in the world and enjoy new scenery, why not try delivery driving? You can take to the streets as a delivery driver for a number of companies or do it on a freelance basis, and it will give you a novel way to make money. Enjoy hitting the open road and travelling while you fill your back pocket in the side. 

Start an online business 

If you want to stay at home and start making some serious cash, why not start an online business? There are lots of ways to make money through and online business such as freelance writing, social media management or even web development.

Make sure to set up an address with https://physicaladdress.com/ to ensure you don’t get any business post to your home address. 


Baking is a fun hobby but it can also be a great money making scheme. You’ll be able to create some fun recipes for people in your local area and really play around with your skills.

Baking can be a lucrative money maker, and with people not being able to go out at the moment you might make a hefty sum by helping people celebrate at home! 

Create YouTube videos 

YouTube creators make a lot of money, and this can be a fun way to bolster your income this year. If you have a camera and some free time on your hands it is a great idea to create YouTube videos for the masses and enjoy making passive income through ad revenue.

You can be pretty diverse with your videos and this makes it the perfect way to make money as you can tailor your videos to whatever you enjoy making. 

Sell your opinions 

Reviews and surveys are a great way to make money online, and you can make a small income by completing some every day for an hour.

It will be easy to do while sitting in front of the Tv in the evenings and you can do as much or as little as you please. 

Write short stories 

As a ghostwriter or an author, you can make money through short stories. If you love to write but you can’t commit to a whole novel, short stories are a great way to get lots of content out into the world in a short space of time. 

Try these money making ideas this year and see how much you stand to make! 


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