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5 Renovation Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Coming out of a year in which people spent so much time indoors, in which work and school shifted to the home, and long commutes were left aside, it makes perfect sense for the focus to have made indoor living spaces more comfortable and more adequate to meet specific needs, such as a home office or an oasis that will make anyone believe they are truly away from home even when they have not left. If that is precisely the way you are reimagining your home, take a look at five renovation trends that people are adopting this year.

Maximize the Use of Every Space
It’s no longer necessary to pretend that you have a home office when all you have is a little side table in your bedroom. You need to look for that niche, bay window, or other unused space and actually set yourself up in a proper workspace.

Your basement will not function as a catch-all for things that have not found their proper place upstairs.

A basement remodel project can incorporate storage while turning the rest of the area into a true entertainment venue for you and the kids. Making every inch of a home function with purpose is the main trend this year.

Accommodating Multigenerational Living
This trend makes reference to homes where two families actually live. In many cases, it is due to older kids who are moving back home, particularly in situations where they used to live in high-rent areas and can no longer afford them, as has happened with many people losing their jobs or taking a pay cut.

Or maybe the older generation now needs more care, and this can only be accomplished when everyone is under the same roof. If this is happening to you, rethinking the functionality of every space becomes crucial.

Going for Green
Between a growing awareness of environmental issues and a desire to implement green renovations, homeowners are now looking to install solar panels or ways to harvest rainwater, on top of including many more plants indoors, to get a true feeling of being connected with nature.

Indoor-Outdoor Spaces
Growing the living area of a home by incorporating an outdoor area that can now be easily accessed from inside the home and almost becomes a part of it has continued to be a trend in 2021.

In these spaces, there is a natural flow between indoors and outdoors facilitated by glass sliding doors, screens that can be dropped down at will, mosquito control, outdoor heating lamps, or fire pits, surrounded by comfortable and inviting furniture.

Bathroom Retreats Bathrooms have become true hiding places when the stress of having everyone stuck at home seems too much. A bathroom remodel can turn it into an escape that offers you rest and relaxation.

Ask yourself how much you would enjoy a soaker tub with a side holder where you can place a glass of wine, a steam shower, or a lighted mirror that allows you to feel and look like a star.

If you are truly in need of pampering in 2021, Home Care Contractors recommends you start the planning now. Think about details like larger tiles to make small spaces look larger and lighter wall colors to make rooms seem brighter.

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