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How to Make a DIY Funeral Wreath

Funeral wreaths are one of the more common ways to memorialize and honor a loved one who has passed away. Traditionally, they are made from flowers, ribbons, and silk fabric. But you can also make a funeral wreath from any materials around the house or craft store that follow these guidelines!

  1. Choose a Design

You can choose a fun-shaped wreath for your funeral wreath to match your
personality or that of the deceased. For example, Halloween brings out a lot of pumpkin and scarecrow wreaths. If the dead had a love for reading, then include this in your design.

  1. Prepare and Arrange the Flowers

Planning the funeral wreath involves getting all your supplies together. You will need a variety of flowers of all sorts to create your wreath. You’re going to want more flowers than you think you’ll need. Try to get a variety of colors in your flowers as well. Artificial flowers are a great alternative to actual flowers but do not have the same smell as real flowers.

You’ll also need some ribbons or twine and silk fabric. This stage involves cutting the stems of your flowers and tying them together in groups of three. You’ll then need to place these flowers on the wreath base. Depending on what kind of wreath you’re making, you can tie the flowers to the wreath either by ribbons or twine.

  1. Mix up the Flowers with some Greenery

The next step involves adding the greenery to your wreath. You could use
natural flowers in this step, or artificial greenery products, too. Greenery adds more color, texture, and visual interest to your wreath, and color contrast has the effect of making your wreath more eye-catching. In addition to color contrast, greenery will add some texture to the overall feel of the wreath. Even though a funeral is a somewhat solemn event, a bright and colorful wreath will add to the overall feel of the funeral.

  1. Add some Ribbons

Depending on your type of wreath, you’ll add ribbons to the wreath differently. For example, a Halloween-style wreath will require different ribbons than a Christmas or Eastern-style wreath. You can use ribbons to wrap the wreath base and connect groups of flowers. However, the overall arrangement may do without this adornment. While decorating the wreath with ribbons, ensure that the ribbons complement and contrast the flowers used. For example, if you’ve chosen the traditional white and baby blue color scheme, you could get blue cotton or satin ribbons for tying your flower together.

  1. Choose the Wreath Display Method

A tripod stand is the most common method for displaying a wreath. The wreath can be placed in the middle of the frame and hung out there.
Other decorative stands are also available that offer different visual appeal. For example, wooden frames have a rustic and natural look, giving the wreath a very earthy and natural feel. Metal stands are also available and come in various finishes and shapes.


Your wreath design may match the standard of those produced by professionals such as funeral directors Sydney. No matter how you do your job and your tools, you can create a beautifully finished product.

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