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Easy Tips for Keeping Your Charlotte Home Cleaner Longer

Nearly everyone can appreciate the feeling of being in a nicely cleaned home. That makes it all the more disappointing when just days later, your home is a mess again and you’re filled with dread at the idea of cleaning again so soon.

Sometimes it can feel like a full-time job to try and keep everything as clean as you want it, but it actually doesn’t have to be that difficult. Hiring a professional maid service for house cleaning Charlotte NC is always a great option but nobody wants to have to have a maid coming in weekly to clean the entire home.

The Organic Maids have been in the cleaning business for more than 12 years now, wand we’ve picked up a whole lot of great little cleaning tips. In this blog, we want to share some of our best tips with you to help you keep your house cleaner for longer periods of time.

Most people don’t even have an hour a day that they want to or can spend cleaning, but it really only takes a few minutes here and there to see good progress. Even the smallest steps are noticeable and mean something, a little work is a lot better than just doing nothing.

Keep Dirt Out To Begin With
What’s the best way to keep the amount of cleaning you need to do as minimal as possible? Well ideally, just keep all dirt and debris from ever showing up in the first place!

It may sound hard, and you can’t ever keep ALL dirt out, but you can make serious strides. The best way to clean up a mess is never having it occur in the first place ideally, prevention goes a long way! The more dirt and dust you keep out now, the less you have to clean later.

Try to Maintain a Clean Garage
For the majority of people, the garage is just about the last place you care to clean. All too many people have such cluttered garages they can’t see the floor in many places! It’s easy to just follow the “out of sight, out of mind” mindset, but if you’re coming through your garage every
single day, you need to think about what you’re bringing in with you from the floor there.

By giving your garage nothing more than a good regular sweeping, you’re taking a big step towards a cleaner home. Do keep in mind that your garage floor does tend to collect more than just dirt and dust, you’re going to have dead bugs, things that fall out of your car, etc. Something as simple as vacuuming and sweeping your floor regularly will do wonders in terms of keeping dirt
and debris OUT of your house.

DON’T Groom Your Pets Inside A lot of us just brush and care for our pets when we remember and it’s convenient for you,
like when you’re relaxing on the couch and your dog jumps up to join you.

But it’s so worth that extra effort to take them outside. Sure after brushing you see that mountain of hair in the brush, but what you don’t see is all of the hair that has fallen out and spread all over your home.

So not only have you spread hair all around, but you’ve released dirt, dead skin, and pet dander which is an allergen for quite a number of people.

Going outside is the most simple solution here, you can let all that hair go wherever it wants without a care. Change Your Air Filters Regularly. Changing air filters regularly is truly one of the simplest things that you can do to save yourself lots of time cleaning in the future. 

Air filters are so easy to let fall by the wayside during the chaos of life, but they should be a priority for you! A clean, high-quality filter will pull a large majority of the dirt, allergens, and dust out of the air instead of just circulating them all over your home.

So if you’ve been cleaning a lot but you feel like you have a new thick layer of dust every day, your air filter could very well be the culprit here.
Professional Home Cleaners Charlotte Sometimes life just gets too hectic and you need an extra hand with all of your home cleaning needs. 

Plus, more frequent cleanings mean your home will stay cleaner for longer periods of time. It’s easier to maintain cleanliness than it is to achieve it. Whether you just need that initial deep clean or you want to set up regular intensive cleanings, the organic maids are
here for all of your home cleaning Charlotte NC needs.

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