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Tactics To Avoid Water Damage From Destroying Your Home

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Water damage has been one of the most common and costly mishaps your home can suffer. As a matter of fact, homeowners from across the globe lose billions each year because they don’t check their houses for possible water damage.

However, you are not defenseless against this misfortune. There are a few simple ways you can do to prevent water from infiltrating your home. In this article, we will tell you the best ways to safeguard your home from water damage.

Check And Do Repair Roofs
A roof with leaks can cause more than those ugly water smudges on your ceiling. Leaky roofs make the attic insulation wet which promotes rotting and molds.

This unseen damage caused by a leaky roof is usually worse than what meets the eye. This is why it is critical to have your roof fixed as soon as possible.

Having a reputable expert like ASAP Restoration check your roof for undetected leaks and make the necessary repairs will prevent you from expensive damage restoration practices down the road.

Seal Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are common entry points of water leaks. Water can seep through small spaces on the corners of doors and window frames if they are not perfectly sealed.

Make sure that the seals and strips around your doors and windows are in great condition. Thoroughly check the sides of your doors and windows. If there are large spaces between the frames and the house, insulating foam sealant can be injected to eliminate the cracks.

You can also avoid leaks by putting a fresh bead of caulking on the areas where the window meets the siding. In addition, even a nice coat of fresh paint on your door and window frames can remove moisture from infiltrating the wood.

Install Water Detectors
Water detectors are small electronic gadgets that produce an alarm when it senses moisture. Its main advantage is that it identifies specific moisture levels or leaks that usually go unnoticed.

You can place it near washing machines, water heaters, toilets and dishwashers to avoid mold growth and major damage.

Clean Gutters
Making sure your gutters work well is important in safeguarding your home from water damage. Poor drainage cripples your house’s foundation which leads to cracks, unsteady settling and roadways for water to seep inside. Cleaning your gutters should be done at least twice every year, once before spring and once after the fall season.

You should also exert extra effort in cleaning your gutters after a big storm to pull out wet leaves and other debris that could end up clogging downspouts and gutters. Installing gutter guards are also a good way of preventing debris from clogging your gutters.

There are a lot of types of gutter guards such as nylon, mesh and reverse curve. Prices may differ depending on the kind of gutter you need and how long the gutters that you need covered.

Trim Trees
To help in avoiding hurricane damage to your house, it is essential to clip the branches of trees which are hanging over or growing near to prevent them from cracking and falling on your roof or siding.

Assess to make sure that nearby large shrubs and trees are well, and cut out any dead branches. A dead plant may not look like a threat, but it can be carried by strong winds during bad weather.

With the increasing probability of storms and flooding in the near future, preventing you from water damage and ensuring that your roof is in great condition are as essential than ever.

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