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A Smile Worth A Thousand Words & Giveaway

Hey friends, its true a smile is worth a thousand words, but probably not if your smile is yellow, green, or fuzzy. HA! am I right though?

I recently got the pleasure of getting to review a toothbrush, that I absolutely love, and I have to share it with YA’LL because if you love something you want to share it with everyone right. Plus I don’t want to be stingy either and hog all the good stuff.  

Here it is the CariPRO Ultrasonic. Oh’ my gosh.. no tooth brush will ever make your teeth feels this good and clean like deep cleaned, then this toothbrush.

I have noticed a huge difference too in how they look. Before with a regular do it yourself toothbrush, it never got in the real grooves of your teeth, so I still could see some staining and since using this CariPRO it gets into every nook, cranny, surface and you can feel it and see it. It is just amazing. I def. have more confidence with my smile and have been smiling a whole lot more. YEAH! 

Here is the beaut. 

I hope you find this information helpful, especially if you are on the hunt for a electric toothbrush. This one is a winner, do you want to win one yourself? check out this link right HERE Plus 20% off coupon code using craftomaniac20

Thanks for visiting. Jen

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