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9 Short Earring Design Trends for Women


Earrings are the first and last finishing touches to a woman’s dress, perhaps to her make-up as well. A pair of earrings is something that has ruled a woman’s jewelry box since oodles of centuries. In fact, if

you dive deep into the caves of history you’ll notice that in ancient times too, women of all ranks and professions used to wear earrings. From queens to their maidens, from farmers to classical dancers,

from village housewives to pottery-making women, women used to wear jewelry in full-fledged form. Designs like jhumkis, flower studs and gem-encrusted danglers were preferred more than anything.

As time passed by, and woman began to play more powerful and working roles in society, these preferences too started to shift slightly. From heavy and massive style of jewelry, more and more working women prefer light, crisp and tacky styles these days.

While you reserve the heavily embellished pieces for special occasions, there must be something which you can use as daily wear,

And so, here they are; some short earring styles which you can use as everyday wear at work or home without much fuss. From studs and hoops, there are some interesting designs most women like to wear. Here is a snapshot of 9 most popular of these. Just take a look below.

1. Stud Earrings
As the name implies, stud earrings are tiny stud-like earrings worn through a slim metal rod which passes through the earlobe. The rod is then secured from the back of the ear with a hook.

This is the reason why stud earrings are sometimes also known as floating earrings. The rod and the hook are usually hidden behind the earlobe and invisible from the front which gives the stud a floating

There are various styles of stud earrings in trend. The most popular being, square shaped earrings made in diamond or gemstone, and lined with metals like silver and gold. Apart from square, shapes such as hemi-spherical globes, triangles, cylinders and rectangles are popular as well. Also, some women like to wear studs designed like symbols and motifs of different kinds.

Whether you prefer a freestyle country look or a gorgeous formal fashion, studs go just as well with any style. Oh, and if you’re dressing up in an evening party gown, do keep a pair of black metal studs in your jewelry box!

2. Hoop Earrings
Hoops are tiny circular ring-like earrings consisting of a metallic ear-wire which pierces through the earlobe connecting the ends of the hoop. In India, a hoop earring is also known by the name of ‘bali’.

These slingy rings dangling down from the ears offer not just a feminine look but also a majestic appeal which persists with any and every kind of outfit pretty much in every setting. While some women wear single tier hoops, some others prefer wearing multi-tier hoops, and even more than one hoop in just one ear.

Although, these days, gold hoops are not that popular as they were earlier, if you breeze through the market, you’ll see that hoop earrings made in silver, platinum and black metal are pretty much in vogue.

3. Clip-on Earrings
Clip-on earrings are one of the oldest types of earrings, especially worn by women who don’t like to pierce their earlobes. These earrings derive their name from the word ‘clip’.

Just like the opening of a clip which closes itself once secured at the desired area, clip-on earrings feature auto-closing open ends which close at the earlobe by exerting mechanical pressure at the cartilage.

While normally, they are comfortable, many women find that after some time of wearing, their earlobes start aching due to the snapping of the earring clips.

Therefore, clip earrings are usually preferred for shorter periods of time. Let’s say, for instance, you can wear them in one of your meetings, or perhaps while taking a stroll with your friends. Not too funky, not too formal, they go just as well with any kind of outfit.

4. Magnetic Earrings
A pair of magnetic earrings is a version of the stud earrings. They consist of magnets at the endings of the earring which holds the earring together in place. Upon wearing, they nearly give the look of a stud earring.

Most often, as supposed by the color of the magnet, these earrings look best in black. However, some jewelers also add trimmings of silver to make them look even more dashing. Pair them up with a beaded bracelet or chain and just adorn the hippie and Bohemian style appearance they offer you.

Geometrical shapes such as circles, stars, squares and cylindrical are equally well in vogue. Also, you might also find a variation which combines clip-on earrings and magnetic earrings. Just fabulous!

5. Plug Earrings
Also known as tunnel earrings, plug earrings consist of a thick ear-wire which pierces through the earlobes of the wearer. Their function gives them the shape of a tunnel or a spool, not too long, not too short.

Carrying a large size, plug earrings are also known as stretched earrings. Being the most popular version of gauge jewelry, these plugs are preferred by men of all ages. Fastened from both ends, these earrings give off the look of a funk and punk rockstar just waiting to get on stage.

6. Tapered Cone Earrings
This style of earrings is for women who’re not afraid to go bold. Often shaped like a cone, spike, screw-nail or conch with a circular base converging into a sharp tapered point, tapered earrings are popular mostly among creative women and men. Balinese style is the closest match.

Okay, include Gothic too. Anyways, when wearing, this tapered cone is passed through the piercing in the earlobe, giving the look of an animal horn or seashell.

If you carry a funky hairstyle, this might be an ideal choice for you. Also, they are perfect for wearing in coastal settings, beach parties, informal evening dinners and likewise.

7. Cuff Earrings
You might have guessed their looks by name. Cuff earrings, also known as ear-cuffs are one of the most popular kinds of earrings. Just like a handcuff wraps around your wrist, an ear-cuff wraps around a part of your ear, thereby giving it the look of a cuff.

A cuff style earring is usually worn on upper parts of the ear cartilage instead of just the earlobe. Also, many people like to have several piercings through which they pass several tiny ear-cuffs.

This is such an addictive and gingery style of earrings that you will want to pair them with several of your outfits.

Even though they come available in various metallic choices and colors, a pair of sterling silver earrings made in this cuff style will look best, especially if you’re looking forward to an elegant workplace wear.

Scintillating little silver rings wrapping around your ear curtains, how charming that would be!

8. Barbell Earrings
Made like a small dumbbell with two studs connected together via a threaded pin, barbell earrings echo the music of Hollywood fashion trends.

The studs at the ends carry the designs of balls, motifs, symbols, spearheads, arrows and geometrical shapes. Mostly. In addition to this, there are also cylindrical shaped snap studs threaded together just like we have in a spool.

You might wonder that they are too bulky for everyday wear however the case is, that they are perfectly suitable for the same. Since one side of the barbell usually hides behind the earlobe, it gives the appearance of normal stud earrings.

Barbell earrings come in both variations – straight and curved. The curved ones usually carry the look of a semi-circular bridge. Mostly, these barbells are made with black metal, silver or gold. Even though, some artisans like to experiment with glass barbells, even with crystal and gemstone. Silver barbell earrings are high in trend.

9. Novelty Earrings
Colors, charms, shapes, art and textures, these are some of the features of novelty style jewelry. Dripped in artistry and equipped with elaborations, novelty style earrings are one of the favorites among women of all ages.

Besides being the most diverse variety of jewelry, they are also the most affordable.

From colorful imitation studs to designer button earrings, the variety is endless in this arena. The best part of novelty earrings is, they always come handy at the last minute preparations. Besides, you can build a considerably large collection of accessories with these earrings. And variety too!

Closing Thought
Undoubtedly, the heavily embellished danglers and cheek-touching stone-studded earrings have no match however there are times, when you need something which is easy and light on the looks.

Something like this; just a highlighting undertone and not a flashy limelight catcher. During these times, you might want to scroll through the list mentioned above and wear the look you desire. Small things too, after all can have big impact!

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