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Get Crafty At Christmas

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With the festive season just around the corner, we are all looking for the perfect presents for families and friends. But as the trips to the shops or online marketplace start to stack up so do the expenditures, a toy here and a hamper there suddenly starts to look more like you’re going to be paying out forever rather than that warm feeling we all know from finding that right present for someone. So this year, why not get a little crafty?

There are so many upsides to pointing your efforts towards a craft project when you’re looking to fill a stocking or need to get the person who has it all something unique. So here a few ideas of things that you can put together which should help you cut some costs but also instead of just buying the latest piece of plastic with no heart, create something which really gets into the Christmas spirit.

Maybe this is your first time looking into arts and crafts or maybe you’re a seasoned veteran, either way ideas are not always easy to come to. Let’s start with some of the things you can do to brighten up your gift giving.

What you end up creating comes down to how much time you do or don’t have over the holiday season. If you want a challenge, making something challenging like a spice rack for your partner or parents will usually go down well. You can personalize a spice rack with in-jokes from the family or just give the gift of hard work.

If woodwork isn’t your thing, don’t be disheartened. There are hundreds of craft ideas out there for you and it is just a case of finding one that suit you. Maybe you have a knack for the arts and would like to create a painting or drawing. Take that idea one step further, are you buying for a group of people with a single connection?

Maybe you could create an art project for the group that contains links to your common relationship. Each painting can be different but if you’re gifting them to a friendship group or family, adding a personal touch which turns them into a set is a nice way of expressing your affection without emptying your bank account.


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On the subject of money, remember a craft project is a good way of cutting down on costs while also doing something personal for your loved ones. Buying in bulk or from specialized stores like craftdirect.com will help you get the best bang for your buck but will more than likely also give you other ideas for what to craft.

Now, we’ve looked at what you can make for your gifts but what about what you’re friends and family are doing. Giving the gift of a project is a fine way of providing the person receiving your present with more than just something that will end on the shelf or at the back of a drawer.

You’re telling that person that you think they can do something, that you believe in their ability to create and when the time comes that they have taken on your project and completed it, you better believe you’ll be the first to hear about it.

Buying for children at this time of year can be a nightmare. There is always a new toy or gadget out there but you aren’t the only one shopping for them and the risk of duplicating another present is high.

So why not take that idea of gifting a project and make it one for the kids. A creative project for the younger member of your gifting pool might just be repaid one day. The ability to express oneself through creativity shouldn’t be underestimated, so encouraging that positive step isn’t just a gift for Christmas but one that could help children express themselves for years to come.

Looking outwards is a message we like to spread over the festive period, give to others and bring joy to their lives. But what about your life? You’ve worked hard all year and you deserve to enjoy this time as much as anyone.

So take a look around your home, are the decorations looking a bit sad? Have you spent too much time buying presents for everyone else and not enough thinking about what you want to see over the holidays? Well, don’t just go and buy the same old tat from the shops that everyone else is, be inspired to create your own decorations.

You’ll be amazed how great the feeling is when you sit down on Christmas Eve, look at the tree and see your personalized baubles hanging from the branches or on the mantel your homemade stockings and snow globes.

Christmas has become so much about the consumer side of life that we might not be taking enough time to enjoy it for ourselves. Setting yourself a craft project in this period might seem a little daunting but ask yourself, would you rather be sat at home in the warm or out battling other weary shoppers in the winter wonderland?

Photo by Gary Spears from Pixels

One final tip, don’t let your gifts leave the house without letting the world know you’re the giver. A personalized stamp will be a beautiful finishing touch to all of the hard work you have put into those presents and could just be the cherry on top of your gift giving season.

So go forth and create, get inspiration from homemade gifts and add your own personal touch. Remember, there is nobody quite like you so the more of you that is in the present the more it will likely mean to your friends and families. They can buy whatever they want from the shops all year round, but they can’t buy your love and mind, no they can’t buy you.


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