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Why You Should Have Attached Bathrooms at Your New House

Today on the blog it is all about “Why You Should Have Attached Bathrooms at Your New House.”

There is a lot you can do to make sure you won’t regret moving to a new home. First, make sure every room is perfect. Look for elements that cause inconvenience after you move in.

While many people carry out a thorough assessment of the house, they often overlook the most important room in the house – the throne room or what most people call the bathroom.

A bathroom is a place of privacy and relaxation. No home can guarantee comfort unless the bathroom is comfortable enough. Proximity is a very crucial aspect of that comfort.

If your bathroom is too far away from your room, it will be a major inconvenience at some point in your life. Now, before we go deeper into the importance of attached bathrooms, let us have a look at a history of attached bathrooms.

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Attached Bathrooms through the History

A quick history of bathrooms tells us that it all started with public bathrooms in Rome and other ancient societies. An ancient concept indeed, which was first shunned in the sixteenth century France after the plague that killed thousands.

Chamber pots were invented as toilets that could be used privately inside the home. Eventually, people built specific chambers inside the home to place their pots.

By the nineteenth century, it was common for rich people to have a separate chamber for every room, with flushable pots.
However, there are still places where the concept of attached bathrooms is still frowned upon.

In Arab countries, people prefer bathrooms at a reasonable distance from their bedrooms. They have a common bathroom that is shared by all the family members. It is their cultural preference regardless of the size of their home.

However, the trend is quickly changing with a majority preferring convenience over culture.

On the other hand, there are Asian countries such as India where it is still a taboo to have a bathroom inside the house, primarily because of the toilet. They have public areas that can be miles away from homes.

Rest of the world, however, is more inclined in favor of attached bathrooms because of the many benefits they offer. These are the benefits you just cannot ignore when looking for a new home.

Let’s talk about the benefits of attached bathrooms.

Attached Bathrooms Provide Privacy
This should be an easy decision. A bathroom is where you carry out the most private tasks. It is a place where you are supposed to release, relieve, and relax. It is awkward to run off to the common bathroom through a lounge full of people every time you have to answer the call of nature.

It gets even more awkward when if you find it already occupied by someone else. An attached bathroom will be available whenever you need it, and for however long you need it. There will be no one to disrupt your relaxing bath with annoying knocks.

Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about anyone knowing about your bowel movements or bathing routine.

Attached Bathrooms are Hygienic
Common bathrooms are usually close to public bathrooms in terms of hygiene. Common bathrooms get dirty real quick because they are used by more people. On top of that, they don’t even get cleaned as often as attached bathrooms do.

When too many people use one room, no one takes the responsibility.

It goes without saying that an unclean bathroom is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Unless it’s clean multiple times a day, a common bathroom is bound to be dirty and unhygienic. If you have kids, it will get dirtier, putting your sanity and their health at risk.

Attached Bathrooms Ensure Accessibility

Do you want to grow old in your new home? If yes, then attached bathrooms must be on your list of essentials to look for. Mobility loss or limited mobility is common in the elderly. Several age-related factors can hinder mobility. It is a wise thing to plan ahead and ensure your own comfort and convenience in old age.

Moreover, if you already have an elderly in the family or anyone with limited mobility, attached bathrooms is a feature you should not compromise on. Further the bathroom is from the bedroom, the higher the risk of injuries and accidents.

Attached Bathrooms save Money

A bathroom is a place where you keep all your private items including skincare products, razors, sanitary items, and basic toiletries. None of it comes cheap. If you love to pamper yourself, you might have products worth hundreds of dollars in there. Sadly, people rarely have respect for other people’s money.

If you have once common bathrooms in your new home, it will be used by everyone including your kids, your guests, and their kids. Don’t be surprised to see your months’ worth of supply running out in weeks.

Attached bathrooms can save you the trauma, and a lot of money. While you will have to buy separate toiletries for all the bathrooms, they will last longer and you will save more in the long run.

How Can You Save More Money with Your Bathroom
Some people might argue against attached bathrooms because it doesn’t sound very eco- friendly. They say that multiple bathrooms mean more water and energy consumption. Time to send them into the twenty-first century. There are many ways to make your bathrooms more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

With the right fittings and little changes in your habits, the three attached bathrooms in your new home will have lower water wastage and energy consumption than the common bathroom at your old place.

Attached bathrooms are essential, not just for privacy but for your complete peace of mind. That is why our sincerest advice is to make attached bathrooms a priority in your new apartment checklist. It is better to have a smaller attached bathroom than to have one huge but common bathroom. So, whether you are moving to a new apartment or a new home, make sure it has attached bathrooms in all the

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