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Mosquito Squad Summer Safety Tips

Hi friends, this post is for any of you mamas, parents, guardians, etc. “Any” of you who want to protect your kids and families this summer. Today I am sharing all about the #ProtectMySquad contest as well as the importance of mosquito protection. To learn more about mosquito protection this is a great link to visit right HERE

The Mosquito Squad sent me my own #ProtectMySquad package and I had no idea that those vampire like blood sucking buggers hate garlic, HA! just like vampires. I also didn’t know that Tea Tree Oil which is healthy and healing for humans is actually quite the opposite for mosquito’s and its very toxic to them.  

These itchy stinkers also hate marigolds and are very sensitive to the smell, so plant some marigolds where you happen to see mosquito’s trying to make themselves at home on your property… Um’ NO! 

Then there are socks you can tuck your pants into on hikes, mosquito repellent spray, and hats that help too. YAY!

Goodness I am getting the itchies, HA! 

Alright about this “CONTEST”.. All you have to do is post a photo or a video of your squad using that hashtag #ProtectMySquad to facebook, twitter,  and Instagrams landing page HERE be sure to tag Mosquito Squad and share your zip code. The CONTEST begins today April 16th and ends Friday May 18th, so be sure to share asap. 

Mosquito Squad will randomly select 100 winners from all across the country and announce them on their social media Friday May 25th. Winner will receive a full season of America’s #1 mosquito elimination solution- the original mosquito squad protective barrier treatment. 

Keep safe this summer, and from those blood sucking stinkers, and be sure to check out the contest. Good luck and thanks for stopping by the blog today. jen


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